Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleepover with Tia Caren

 So, this last week I'm pretty sure you've all seen advertised on Facebook that "Caren's leaving for Spainnnn!!!!"
Well, she made one last stop in Abilene before flying the 12 hours to get to her life-long dream destination.
I was glad. 
I was happy that she was coming over to spend time with the boys. 
I love how she plays with them, how she talks to them and how she laughs and smiles with them.
So at night, we set up a mattress in our small living room and Andrew decided to lay in the middle and take her pillows.
Jonah bear, Caren and Andrew!
Snuggling up with Tia Cari
It won't happen again for a very long time,*sniff sniff* but we're happy she's finally where she's been wanting to be all these years!
We will miss you Cari!