Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tia Colleen Photography

Last week we met a very special lady. 

She's a mommy of 3 and is starting up her own photography business.

Her blog is so simple and carefree, it's adorable

Since she's just starting out, she offered me to do our session 'pro-bono'

...aaaaand I was ecstatic.

Her style is more of a documentary of every day posing, no fake smiles, no cookie-cutter sweaters

So we met up, and she chased Andrew around and had fun snapping his picture

I didn't really know how Andrew would react to her or to Jonah

{since we all know how fond he is of him}

...but he did really well, including posing for her in unexpected ways!

This is the little sneak-peek she let me have:

I love their expressions!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playtime at Nana's!

We spent the weekend at Nana & Papa's and they have a huge playing/sewing room that she recently remodeled...
Andrew knows what to go for first at Nana's....


Every one knows that a childhood cannot reach its full potential until it builds things out of Lego's 

...what? You didn't know that? Duh. 

So Andrew, always so diligent, pulls up the step stool in an attempt to reach those two beautiful ice-cream containers with those itty-bitty pieces of milti-colored Lego's...

Mommy has to help him a bit since Nana disapproves of climbing on counters... :)

See? Don't they just make you want to build something outta 'em?

So we got to it...
Of course I helped -- a lot...but it was so much fun teaching and showing him what the little men that he adores so much can do in this 'little house'. 
Here's the entire house we built along with two cars decked out with weapons for dueling purposes....and yeah, I had to play with him as well :D
There's a bathroom where these little guys can take a poop at and maybe take a shower since some are  stinky pirates...
Then there's Jonah and his cool looking hair...
Check out how l-o-n-g it is!!! 
Here, the guys are in the living room sitting and watching TV
This guy was tired and decided to take a nap...
This guy has a canon on his ride!!! Andrew loved the cars!

He loves playing with Lego's.....and everything else!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I've started calling Jonah, 'jo-jo' {thanks, Dawna}
and I cringe everytime I say it....
(someone please slap me if they hear me say it)
But what I DOOO love, is the boy himself
Andrew still dislikes Jonah. 
Jonah LOVES Andrew.

Andrew's favorites

This is what Andrew hands me when he wants to watch a movie and says, "moov!"
Andres siempre me anda pidiendo que le ponga una pelicula, o una 'muv', y esta semana siempre me da la misma pelicula

This is fine, hardly ever do I say NO to Coraline...
Y me cae bien la pelicula, y casi siempre le digo 'orale pues'

It's one of my most favorite movies!
es una de mis favoritas!

What's his favorite candy of the week?
esta semana, que dulce le gusta mas? 

Many of you know that my camera has died. 
R.I.P. Kodak Easyshare
You have done your duty and captured many memories for us
You will be missed...but only a little.
Onto a better camera!!!
Muchos de Uds. ya saben que mi camera ya marcho.
Hizo su deber con unas fotos no tan buenas, pero ha capturado muchas memorias.
Te extrañare Kodak Easyshare....pero solo un poquitin.

Ahora sigue una mejor!

Meanwhile, with my LG Rumor camera, I've managed to capture the following pictures:
Mientras, la camara de mi cel me ha ayudado a capturas estas imagenes:

Last Saturday, we all were so restless because we've been stuck in the house most of the days since it's been cold outside. 
We grabbed our bags, sippy cups, and jackets, and headed to the Zoo park.
The sun was out. It was shining. It felt beautiful!
este sabado, fuimos al parque porque hemos estado encerrados en la casa porque ha hecho mucho frio.
agarramos las chamarras, jugos, y mochila y nos fuimos de paseo.
salio el sol y el dia estuvo hermoso

Lucky shot by me...
I'm not sure whether he was motorboating or just puckering up, but check out his little silhouetted lips against the sun -- I love moments like this!
{his daddy motorboats like it's no one's business!}
una toma de pura suerte....
no se lo que estaba tratando de hacer con su boca, pero si se fijan, tiene su silueta de su boquita de piñon contra el sol!!!
me encantan momentos capturadas asi!

Playing with the color tones...
experimentando con los tonos de mi cel
An outing to the Abilene Mall with his hair tufted from his beanie...
is "tufted" even a word? 
I checked, and it is. 
I surprise myself sometimes...
fuimos al centro comercial con el mechon de greñas fuera del 'beanie'

I know I've snapped pics of him before with shades on, but this was a lucky shot again.
I turned my phone back and captured him in the frame, just right....
Doesn't he look like a cool cat?
ya se que les eh enseñado fotos de Andres con lentes mios, pero fue de pura suerte esta captura.
Voltie el cel mientras manejaba y ajas! le atine a mi sujeto! 
Que no se ve chidongo?

And here..... he's in his immodest form while at the house...
Eh aqui, Andres en forma inmodesta mientras que estamos en casa...comiendose un:

He's eating a packet of Brinquitos.

His favorite candy of the week. :) (see above)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleepover with Tia Caren

 So, this last week I'm pretty sure you've all seen advertised on Facebook that "Caren's leaving for Spainnnn!!!!"
Well, she made one last stop in Abilene before flying the 12 hours to get to her life-long dream destination.
I was glad. 
I was happy that she was coming over to spend time with the boys. 
I love how she plays with them, how she talks to them and how she laughs and smiles with them.
So at night, we set up a mattress in our small living room and Andrew decided to lay in the middle and take her pillows.
Jonah bear, Caren and Andrew!
Snuggling up with Tia Cari
It won't happen again for a very long time,*sniff sniff* but we're happy she's finally where she's been wanting to be all these years!
We will miss you Cari!

talcum powder fiasco...

Oh, every once in a while things happen. 

Sometimes my most vigilant eyes see accidents happen like Jonah toppling over or Andrew stubbing his toe.

I know, I'm a Mommy. I'm supposed to, right?

But, I'm a Mommy of a 2 year old. 

Sometimes 2 year olds go through that "Let's see how much I can get away with" phase. 

Sometimes Mommy's vigilant eyes miss things like Andrew peeing all over the toilet bowl or Jonah spitting up.

Sometimes BIG things happen also. 

This happens when Mommy is in a different room than her 2 year old. 

It also happens when Daddy is asleep on the couch.

Andrew's latest victim, happened to be his room.

He loves getting on the changing table....

So when things got really quiet after a while, I immediately wondered where my 2 year old was and what he was up to. 

No, wait, backtrack. 

The aroma of something powdery reached my nostrils, and I immediately wondered where my 2 year old was and what he was up to.

Like always, dear hubby had no clue and didn't seem to bother him. 

(Hubby's reactions aren't quite as quick as Mommy's sometimes, in the "Where's the kid? Department" although he would definitely argue otherwise in other on the Kinect Sports track challenge.)


Yeah, I know you're all wondering now. Itchin' to see some pics. 

I just laughed when I walked in. I saw my kid covered in baby powder. 

Then I glanced at the changing table.

Then I glanced at the bed. 

THEN, I glanced everywhere else...


What can a Mother do in these instances? 

Just grin and laugh.

And then grab the camera and take some pictures.

Well, here they are:


the notorious changing table

Woody got the worst of it...He was covered from hat to boots in this powdery substance.

The pillow pets didn't survive either...