Wednesday, February 6, 2013

snapping kiddos...invites...Megazords...and animals.

Ahhh, bloggin land! Hello! I've missed you! 
I've been busy playing Mom, teacher, maid, artist and photographer lately! It's crazy how many responsibilities one can have. 
I wanted to share with you some pictures from these past few weeks.
One weekend we went to my Mom's to make an invitation assembly line for my cousin's invitations that I designed and made! It was work but they came out SO lovely! And I also got to address the envelopes too!
I just finished over 100 invites, and can I just say, I LOVE doing it. It soothes me! 
It's another reason why I've been busy! I posted my services on my etsy shop {sidebar--->} and hope I get a fish bite soon. If you know of someone needing custom addressed envelopes, PLEASE send them my way!
Guess what? I got some amazing news that weekend too! I'm going to be an aunt in September! 
My sister literally had a bun waiting in the oven with a note saying, You're FINALLY going to be an AUNT!
She's so witty. I was speechless and I couldn't believe it! 
I've been putting things together for her little bun, I hope she likes it. Pics to come. 
By the way, did you know my mother collects stamps? She's also a penny collector. 
And did you know that I get my love of plants from her too? 
Good news. It's bloody hot already in Texas. Let's start a garden! 
Back at home, an iPad and the computer are privileges. Privileges that get fought over. 
Privileges that have volumes way too loud. And headphones had to be invested in. 
Somebody loved theirs. He even had his own Pandora station he rocked to. 
You should hire him to do a dancing show for you. He's awesome. 
I let Jonah experiment with flour one day while Andrew was doing school. He had fun. Lots of it. 
And here's that BLASTED MEGAZORD we spent half of Christmas Eve trying to look for it.
We had to order it through ebay and after a week of incessant asking where his toy was, it finally came. 
Andrew and Jonah haven't stopped playing with it {or fighting over it} since. 
You know it's bad when he starts kissing it. 
Bath time is sometimes a bedtime routine. Lately I've been getting quite a kick from it because as cats ears perk up when they hear food in their bowls, little boys underwear fly off when they hear that tub start to fill up. 
These two cats are literally useless, except for giving me more stress than I need. BUT look at those faces!!!! 
well...I guess they bring me a little visual pleasure.
GAWD, I love cats so much, the husband reminded me of this hilarious video and that's why I love him.
Oohh, I'm sorry I'm thinking about cats again! :) Until next time!