Monday, March 4, 2019

LOL Surprise Doll Birthday 🎂

We're kinda going back and forth in time, through pictures, but bear with me. Gotta log her birthday into the archives before it turns to June.
So we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday. We had both sides of family in our 4 bedroom home for the weekend and she was absolutely loved by all. 
We woke her up with a gigantic cupcake and a LOL Doll. And then we had her LOL Birthday Party where she got many many more little dolls. 
She had been waiting for this moment for a good 3 months, always talking about her piñata and cake. She was over the moon with her brand new dress, her white heels, and her curled locks. I loved doing everything for her and for the family and friends that joined us. This is my specialty, ya know? A good kid party! 
So now, enjoy the photo dump 
Sweet little girl received a goody basket of sweets in the mail -- super special and delicious! 
So, of course I made her cake. I didn't plan it, I just winged it and looking back at the colors --- I can't believe I actually pulled it off! Ha!
My mom made her macaroons again, and they were all gone by the time the party ended.
I had a good game of BINGO planned out and a giant coloring page of an LOL Doll (Crystal Queen). I actually sourced the BINGO game from here, it was totally free and I made some adjustments to her file. The dropbox files for downloading the giant coloring page is here.
My lovely sister-in-law helped a bunch with applying LOL Suprise doll nails to the girls. What a fun experience! 
It was time to go beat a piñata. I made it of course, and instead of a bunch of candies, I also put snacks like gummies, bubbles, slap bracelets, silly putty and small things that won't break when they fall to the ground. 
Her logo on the piñata is custom as well. It was fun making it! I got the bow tutorial for it from Oh Happy Day!
Daddy always likes to smash his kid's faces to their birthday cakes, but she didn't him want to! He settled for smearing some icing on her instead.
The whole time she couldn't wait to get into her presents. It was a lengthy and chaotic process! 💖We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts 💖
Her Nana made her this very special LOL Surprise Doll sleeping case for her dolls. We didn't know whether she would have enough dolls for it, but it ended up being just right. It was truly a perfect day for the birthday girl. 
Now she talks about her next birthday but I'm like, NUH UH 😁

Thanks for scrolling and coming to her birthday party! We love y'all!