Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching up...

I know it's been SO long since my last post. It's all my internet's fault. It's slow.
We've been so busy (and worried and stressed) about finding a job to finally move out of Dublin and get out of my mother's hair. Endless searches online and interview after interview, my hubby finally landed a teaching/coaching job at Craig Middle School in Abilene, Texas.
So off to Abilene we go--but first, an endless apartment search goes on and on. We don't know exactly which day or weekend we'll be moving, but sometime in August for sure. So please keep us in your minds and prayers that the transition will go smoothly, and we survive.

Ok, enough with updates and onto pictures!
My really good friend and boss from Cottonwood, Michelle, has been SO kind and trusting to lend me her awesome Canon 50D which has made me so giddy about taking pictures, and maybe hopefully saving up to afford a SLR of my own *wishful*
So, even though I have aspirations of owning a decent camera someday, it's still up to me to take the shots...and some are good, some are so-so, and some are terrible, (which I won't post)...I think I still have to take time to edit the ones I want to develop in Photoshop though.
Sorry pics are so small, but they upload faster--here they go...

Andrew & Dawna posing for a pic!

Andrew getting into Moomie's tapes

He's been smiling so much now! His bottom right tooth and finally today, his top right weird is that?

He loves to suck on 'paletas'...especially Mexican ones!

All smiles for camera at supper time!

Moomie LOVES to make him smile by tickling him!

Pickin his nose (what a boy!)

Going "ta-ta" (poo) in his Bumbo...favorite place!

He's learned to clap too!

Andrew has become a walking pro---anywhere and everywhere!

Look at him GO!

...even in the nude...

All smiles!

Getting into EVERY cabinet door he can find...he found the containers!

He even found the homeschooling cabinet where markers and books are kept. Gary is putting up the markers...for the 7th time!

And when you take away, he cries and tilts his head as far back as it goes!

Ben, Stephanie, and Avery Schexnider came to visit and I took some snap shots of them together. I love her onesie!