Tuesday, August 20, 2013

toothpick flag freebie

we just wrapped up a baby shower with an Alice in Wonderland theme and I wanted to share these cute, easy printable toothpick flags that are all the rage lately. 
had to make my own since I couldn't find any printables on the internet and i would love for you to have them too! i wish i would have taken a photo of when we were making these but seriously, we finished so quickly, i'm only thinking about it now that i'm blogging about them....duh.
To Download a blank flag template {like the one below} and customize it on your own, click HERE:
i'm pretty sure this file can be edited in photoshop or in the adobe reader program, if not, let me know!

For the colored "Eat Me" flags like the one below, just click HERE:
just print on cardstock, cut, and glue onto toothpick. so simple! 
they're such easy DIY-ers and you don't have to use them for Alice in Wonderland themes either! what ever your event, customize your own little flags and use them as cute food decorations! 
remember if you use these on your blog, make sure to credit back here!
thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Hello! i love your site! however, i can seem to edit the free printable on photoshop nor on the reader.

    i would love to have the flags.



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