Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wordless wednesday {a photo blast}

A wordless post for you's killing me holding my tongue, but I'd rather just look at the pretty images! 
Enjoy! {ps: some of these are from my new phone, the camera is awesome! and some are from my instagram account--follow me @sanlynet}
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Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 28, 2013

Easy Halloween Treat: mummy juice box

I've seen on Pinterest a lot cute little things that parents do for their kids' lunchbox. I'm not all about the Bento Box craze, thank goodness, because that takes real 'art-manship' not to mention patience.
I rather go the super easy cute route because let's be honest, how much do kids really appreciate your handiwork in their lunchbox? They're just gonna pick at it and eat it...besides, my mom never packed that lunch like that and I grew up totally fine without that luxury.
But I did end up seeing these on Pinterest and immediately thought, hey, I'm willing to do these! 
so I did. like 3 days in a row because they kept begging for them. the first time I made it, Andrew thought I had not given him an apple juice in his lunchbox and went without a drink all day at school. silly kid. when he got home, I had to show him it was truly his juice box and that he could drink it. maybe I should have explained it to him instead of saying, hey I put a surprise in your lunchbox today! 
To Make Them: all you need is a juice box {duh}, athletic tape, googly eyes, and a sharpie. but remember to detach the straw before you wrap it! I re-attached the straw to the back of the juice box with some more athletic tape. 
Andrew decided to decorate his own. he added a third eye and made a 'ghost' mouth. he loves those juice boxes.
we aren't trick-or-treating this year. we will hopefully go to the Children's Museum about 30 mins away in hopes that it will replace the 10 lbs of candy we would most likely get if we did go trick-or-treating...
me no likey that. why does it have to be candy!? why can't it be like craft kits or granola bars? 
ugh, i can't stand candy anymore...even Andrew's school decided to give out treat bags full of candies last week at his open house. they asked parents to 'donate' it. and guess what I said? would you like a notebook & a pencil instead? :) yeah, i'm one of those parents. 
happy halloween, you guys! 
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Friday, October 25, 2013

shop news

hi guys! this is an unplanned post.
as of now, i am feeling very proud + anxious + nervous because tomorrow will be our first craft show for our etsy store, ShopWitty, here around town.
we have been working our butts off for the past 3 weeks trying to get something real going. trying to figure out if this is the path that He is leading us down.
many times I have blogged about feeling lost in my life, not knowing which way to turn 'career'-wise and I feel in my bones this is something I can be proud of. I haven't felt lost in all this time we've been producing our humble little notebooks.
in fact, Gary asked me if I enjoyed doing it super late last night...the truth is, I love doing it. I love the feeling of our paper. I love saddle stitching each one of our notebooks by hand, and picking out the cover. I love thinking about the possibilities of what could be for our paper. I love having something artsy in common with my husband. but most of all, I love when I hear that ding on my phone signifying I actually sold something.
honestly, I am very nervous about tomorrow. so will you do something for me? will you please pray for us tomorrow? because we really gotta start making some of this money back!
even if our event tomorrow is a flop, I know I will be a little disappointed but I've made up my mind that we are not going to stop there...
I will face this with all the cojones I've got and let God continue blessing our hands to create these cute little notebooks. 
i know to most it is silly to 'spread' the word about some handmade paper notebooks, but you would be ever so helpful if you took 2 minutes and did me this gigantic favor. 
so, TWO things:

1. pray it goes well for our tiny business tomorrow at our craft show, and
2. pin, share, tweet, link, whatever you wanna do, to our etsy store, Shop Witty

I would be forever grateful and would be happy to return the favor if you have your own little handmade shop :)
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corn maze-ing around...

when we visited Moomie that weekend, we also visited Stephenville's Christian School Corn Maze. i was really amazed at the size of it considering Stephenville is a little town, but they are sure known for their cowboy-ish and farming ways...
the sun was hot. we forgot our water. but luckily I brought my camera to snap these memorable photos of the boys' first corn maze. thank you lord for providing me with an amazing sister and brother who are great tias and tios....
ya ready? here we go!
anyways, we had fun besides the hot sun and no wind. the boys really loved that corn pit! 
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

pumpkin carving + cupcake making

As you know, any time we go to Moomie's we gotta get our hands dirty in the kitchen. Moomie loves involving the boys in the kitchen. She is always prepared, patient, and most of all, she spoils them real good. Her skeleton cupcakes were just the treat we {did not} need.
And of course, Leo had to do a quick peek-in to see what he could get into. 
Jonah's favorite part was the icing. 
Andrew's favorite part was the icing too--surprising... 
Check out this post where Moomie had an apple-of-a-day with the boys in her kitchen
He was super proud of his cupcakes. There were a couple of cupcakes with only icing missing and we could only guess as to who the culprit was..... Jojo!
Moomie had asked me if she could get pumpkins for the boys to carve. I impulsively said yes. I didn't know she meant the two biggest pumpkins on earth. 
My brother and sister are great tios & tias because they were the ones to get their hands gooey and slimy with all that junk inside the pumpkins...I knew the little boys would want nothing to do with that part of the process. 

...and then came the part that involved me which was designing the faces...
Andrew requested a spider. So I made the cutest spider possible. Also note that Andrew didn't help in this process either.
...and Jonah requested a Jack Skellington type I made the cutest pumpkin Jack possible. And again, Jonah didn't help with any of this process either.
I am in love. Unfortunately, the 40 pounder pumpkins had to stay at Moomie's because we no have space at our tiny house. 
The rest of the stay consisted of going 'thrift shopping' and finding an outfit for future baby, a crate for our first. ever. SHOPWitty craft show this weekend {so excited!!!} and used tools for our trade. We ate super good food and missed my oldest little brother because he recently moved to Washington {state} for his pilot training {whyy so far away, Carl!!?}
Both boys always have a blast outside on the trampoline. And they also had a blast wiping their boogers all over their faces as we all had have minor allergies. Eeww. They love playing with the family dog, Freckles, who could act as a small horse but is the most gentle small horse you could play with....
...and we also loved a lot on this fussy little guy....he lost all of his hair, his skin is clearing up, and he finally cries and coos for real instead of just grunting! 
We love going to Moomie's. I just wish Texas wasn't so darn big or that we could be a bit closer to her! 
Have a great week, guys! 
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