Monday, May 30, 2011

sweetest buns...

Is there anything funner than being a boy?
I think there is.
I think the most fun is when you get the play with dirt...
In this case, Mr. Chunk-butt found some and decided to get a taste.
Such HAPPY dirt-eating baby!!!
Did I mention he was bottomless?
Hermosura de nachas!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

bouncy house time!

our first bouncy house for the 2011 year!!!
Andrew had so much fun!
At first he was scared and didn't know what to make of this contraption, but with Daddy's help...




and here we go again....!



Jonah didn't like it at first...

Get me OUT!

Andrew loved spraying all of us with the water canon

He loved it!!!

Those bunnies were getting a working climbing up...

Daddy made severals splashes too

Check out those beautiful buns!

And finally, it was my turn to get in

The most informal picture you can take...ha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the Salt Lick ~ Driftwood, Texas

 Another Witty outing...this time to the outskirts of Austin to a famous place called, the Salt Lick!!!
This place is out in the boonies...thank goodness for Mom in law's GPS because it would've taken us longer to get there after a 2 hour ride from the house...
When we pulled in, there really wasn't that many people, but as you start to look around, there are huddles of people here and there...and the place is GREEN all over--MY kind of place!
and then you get to this....
My cam doesn't have pano pics, nor do I have a telephoto lens so I made do best with 3 images and stuck 'em together in Picasa, my love.
I didn't really know anything about the place, other than they serve BBQ and that it's the new rage since it was on Man vs. Food
So I was extremely and utterly in love with the facility and the acreage they had!!! 
Did you know they make their own wine?!
Holy cow!
Flowers everywhere, stone here and there, it was plain beautiful. 
The weather however, was super humid and hot. Ugh, my legs kept sticking together--ha!
Of course, I didn't really get to fully enjoy the beauty of this we had to go inside and eat--duh!
They sat us down at picnic tables basically, and my poor kid couldn't even reach the table. That's one thing that kinda ticked me off....and well, I wasn't thinking when I dressed him in a white t-shirt either. 
Go Mom. 
School cafeteria style plates...not very appealing but hey, they're plates.
The grub...
To be completely honest, it was BBQ. Not the best, but it was ok. 
Definitely made you pay for the 'name' and the 'ambiance' now that they're big shots. 
Regardless, I ate my share ;)
My one good shot of myself with the boys looking somewhere they're not supposed to be looking...
So this is what happens when Gary gets a hold of the camera:
I hand him the camera, ready to go so he doesn't mess with the knobs.
Then I totally think he's gonna get crappy pictures and I point to the boys because they're not looking at the lens. 
Then my face comes out like this: 
Awesome, huh?
I have 3 pictures just like this because my husband really doesn't know how to take pictures.
However, my camera is my baby, as a nice friend put it, and I believe it to be true.
I love my camera because I can capture clear, crisp pictures of something I'm sure to forget in the future. 
Where in the future a conversation might go like this, "Yeah, just like when we ate at Salt Lick's in Driftwood" and I'm like "When? What the heck is Salt Lick's?"
Now with my camera, I am able to capture moments my feeble mind has long lost back in there, somewhere...and I'm able to remember that moment in our lives when Jonah totally made the cutest baby eating some ribs at the Salt Lick's. 
Everyone having a good time.
Jonah chewed on that thing til the last moment before we left...
Chance was a fan of Andrew's armpit farts...
La carilla de mi'jo, preciosa y chistosa!!!
See how far the table was to where the boys were sitting? Ridiculous...
I guess Salt Lick has to consider people of all shapes and sizes...
This is what happens to your butt when you eat here: 
Shoelaces untied....
Then my father-in-law got the bill. HA!
I wish I would have had more time to photograph and learn a bit more about the place. 
It was really serene, green, and hot...perfect for a wedding.
Which by the way, I didn't know they had weddings here. 
Even though I would never ever ever have BBQ catered for a wedding, imagine if you got it on your dress!!!
But I loved the outside, it was so beautiful. 
They sold beer neck mustaches...and I think the hubs looks quite good in a blue mustache, don't you?
This shot is wrong in SOOO many ways...
but I won't go there, I'm always too critical if it's not perfect. 
Anywhoooo, I liked the experience. It was neat. If we're ever in the surrounding area and don't get lost finding our way, I'd love to go back and just chill all day there.