Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rattlesnakes in Brownwood and Wedding Showers in Goldthwaite

Our adventurous weekend with the Witty's a couple of weekends ago.
THis was on our way to Brownwood. Riding with Nana in the middle seat while Papa and Gary sat at front and Joanna and boys were in the back...
Bryce was being a little stink bug squishing Chance in the backseat...I snapped this picture from the middle seat and it came out so cute!
Andrew was being posed on the rock by Daddy but he wasn't cooperating too well.

Chance and Andrew posing on a rock by where we were parked...

This was Papa holding Andrew while the Bates' boys were playing the games they had outside.

Andrew getting held by his Mama.

Piles and piles of rattlesnakes were along the edge of this clear plexi glass box. It was such a sight!

This guy was trying to break the record - and he did! In 10 minutes I think they ended up putting about 119 snakes in the tub. He didn't move a muscle!

Then it's Daddy's turn to hold Mama
could take pictures.

We went and ate at Underwoods, and Chance was trying to hug Andrew. It ended up being awkward for both of them. =)

The next day, Gary's cousin Julie, had a wedding shower and we got to see a lot of lovely ladies there who all "oooh" and "awww" over Andrew. Unfortunately, he wasn't very happy that his mama wasn't holding him, so he would push everyone away and start whinning. This is his Great Granny Gerline and Nana.

This is WillaDean, Nana's auntie. She loved to hold him!

This is Elizabeth, his cousin.

And then, we went to Sydney Hamilton's (another distant cousin) birthday bash. Andrew was the centerpiece for this table and Julie is giving him the rabbit ears. He just loved that balloon and flicking everybody a little bit of his slobber.