Friday, June 21, 2013

baby leo

It's been such a roller-coaster ride these past few weeks for my family, but it hasn't hit anyone harder than my own sister. She became a mother way too soon but I know that God has amazing plans for her and her little boy, Leo. She is a great aunt to my boys and I expect her to be nothing else but a great mother to her own little offspring. This is me, documenting her first time having skin to skin contact with Leo after several days of gloves and plastic aprons. Caren, enjoy.
Since then, it's been almost a week and Leo has done wonderful in the NICU. Below are a couple of pictures of what the little changuito looks like now!!! Note that I did not take the photos. 
Photo by Caren Sandoval
Photo by Betsy Robinett
I can't wait to hold him for the first time as his tia!!! 
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