Sunday, March 25, 2012


He wasn't all smiles when we had to wake him up at 7 to be there at 8 for opening ceremonies...
but he managed to actually smile for my camera--I was so happy!
 His shirt was 2 sizes to big. We had the wrong color pants and it was blazing hot,
and he fell in love with the helmet. 
 His first turn to bat. He's pretty good at it, too! 
He just doesn't remember to run to first and needs some guidance from Coach. 
 And since Daddy picked #44 for his shirt, and his last name is Witty, he gets to bat last. 
He doesn't mind though, he had such a blast! 
 Weeball kids have to have their parents stand with them in the field, the kids need lots of rounding up...
 Me and JoJo hung out in the dugout. He's a cool little man.