Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jonah's 6th Birthday

Our Independence Day baby just turned 6 a few days ago. He has been pumped about his birthday since July 5th, 2015. Always counting down the days until his birthday, he will tell you about it even though he doesn't know you.
I think I remember being excited about my birthday, but not really. Usually, my sister and I shared our birthdays and it was a joint celebration. It was never truly about me, gosh darnit!
Now that I am a mom, I share my birthday with Mother's Day and so they often get combined as, it's never actually JUST my birthday. It;s ok, I can handle this, I'm an adult. 
This is why I felt the need to celebrate my little Independence Day baby all on his own this year. No fancy Washington DC trip. No combined birthday party with his brother.
Just Jonah.
And it was ALL about Jonah. 
Morning came and the sleepy birthday boy awoke to race flags at his bedpost, a starting line made from tissue paper, silly string to the face, & a table full of presents with an awesome cake. 
he was psyched over his gifts which included spiderman briefs. the goober put them on right away on top of his regular underwear and even asked to wear them in public. 
I wanted to make his birthday super special, so we did. We took that little boy and we made a special trip to good ol' Highlands, Texas to Battleground Speedway!!
We watched cars racing for 5 hours! It was intense at times, other times it was a bit hard with 3 needy children. But it was crossed off our bucketlist and we got to see some car racing and a few fireworks.
We love you Jonah Bear!

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