Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tia Colleen Photography

Last week we met a very special lady. 

She's a mommy of 3 and is starting up her own photography business.

Her blog is so simple and carefree, it's adorable

Since she's just starting out, she offered me to do our session 'pro-bono'

...aaaaand I was ecstatic.

Her style is more of a documentary of every day posing, no fake smiles, no cookie-cutter sweaters

So we met up, and she chased Andrew around and had fun snapping his picture

I didn't really know how Andrew would react to her or to Jonah

{since we all know how fond he is of him}

...but he did really well, including posing for her in unexpected ways!

This is the little sneak-peek she let me have:

I love their expressions!