Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Sugar Cookies

I braved the sugar cookies with the boys by myself one day. After days and days of begging. 
I didn't know how I was going to document it...but it actually wasn't that bad.
Besides being covered in flour and endlessly licking our icing-covered fingers, the mess was containable. :) Is that a word? 
The boys were extremely excited. Andrew liked rolling the dough and Jonah loved taking his sweet time trying to decided which cutter he would use. 
Our vintage cookie cutters made it so much sweeter. It reminded me of home. 
A certain little boy kept sneaking some cookie dough every now and then.
And me being an awesome parent, kept telling him that his tripas would stick together if he kept it up....but it didn't really faze him. 
And since brother was doing it, little brother had to do it too. 
Andrew created the fattest gingerbread man I've ever seen. I kept wondering how he was going to cook all the way. Andrew did extremely well for having partial attention from me. 
I felt like I was being ripped apart between the two. Obviously Jonah needed a lot more help, but I think I handled it pretty stellar. Andrew is loving his independence. 
Once we put most of the cookies into the oven, and that timer beeped, Andrew knew they were ready and didn't hesitate to grab his fat gingerbread man from the cooling table.
 His fat Gingy didn't even stand a chance! 
And before I knew it, Gingy was half-eaten!!!
Now that they were baked, we had to decorate them. The boys loved the icing! 
And it was very minimal mess-making time since I had bought the pouches. It was like I had made the best decision ever.
Sprinkles and icing made for some good holiday cookies!
I let the boys decorate 5 cookies each, and guess what? I let them eat their 5 cookies since they had done such a wonderful job. 
Being away from my Mom made this somewhat of a quiet holiday tradition since it was just me and the boys. But I made the best of it and the cookies were gone in about 3 days. 
The boys could have substituted meals for them! 
Hope all of you had some merry and bright holidays. 
We've been battling head wounds and fevers. Cats and travels. Hotels and bags. 
It's been an eventful weekend, I'm sure when we get home, our sigh of relief will be a great one. 
Merry Christmas everyone! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good morning!

Goodness gracious. 
My morning was good, but this week is taking FOREVER! 
I think I regret saying that now. Pretty soon, Christmas will be over and back to the grind it will be.
I have so many itty bitty projects that need finishing for the big day. Little stress here, little stress there. 
Packing up a household to go to both our parents' house is no easy feat!
Thank God for coffee and muffin bread.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Towns

Ha, if you thought my crafty posts were over with, think again. 
This time this craft was solely for me because the boys didn't really help me do it.
The excitement factor of the town wore off after a little while for them.
And again, I got my inspiration from Dana Made It when she made a Halloween town. 
This wasn't supposed to be a craft! It was bizarre. It's like I really didn't want to do it, but I REALLY DID.
I kept thinking how tedious! How cute, but how tedious.
And then I looked at my corner in the kitchen where I had been collecting boxes to wrap gifts in.
Funny how they magically fit each other just right. So I taped them together.
And how funny that the white primer spray paint can just happened to be sitting there also on the counter.
So that's what happened folks. A magical Christmas town out of the boxes from my pantry. 
The left over glittery-sticky foam was from the gingerbread house kit I had bought the night before. 
And it wasn't tedious. At all. I loved every minute of it. 
The meticulous decorations. The cutting out of little doors and windows. 
The single moment of joy the boys had when they played with it. 
And then of course I had to get all the family out...Goofy included and a cop for security. 
Did I go a little overboard with this project? Be honest.... ;) 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingy's house

Christmas has many symbols. One of them being Gingy. And his house.
Shrek made him famous of course, and Andrew loves him. 
I kept avoiding actually making one from real gingerbread and kept having nightmares of icing all over my kitchen and little hands! {{shudders}}
So when we saw a Gingerbread house kit on sale at the craft store, Andrew didn't let go of it for one second. So when we came home, he roped Daddy into building it with him.
I actually didn't realize how many pieces the kit came with. OH. MY. GOODNESS--it was unreal.
Its pro: it was a great pattern learning experience for Andrew who didn't mind sticking all those little shingles on Gingy's house one.....by.......one
Jonah had fun decorating the tree. And getting to put on Gingy's gum-drop buttons. 
Brothers working together while Mommy snaps pictures and creates memories.
OHhh and finally....
Gingy's house was incredibly cute, guys. I was so thankful we had found that kit. 
It made the boys happy, helped with their motor skills, and now it's part of our holiday decorations.
And the proud little boy decided that he needed his picture taken with his master-piece.  
It wasn't all glitter and gum-drop buttons though. The day after, I discovered Gingy's house all torn up and in complete disarray because obviously Jonah doesn't understand the meaning of playing with something without destroying it. That's why the tree's decorations are gone and Gingy is MIA. 
I was just thankful Gingy was found!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

This December

In December, 
Late mornings end up with gallos or hair that sticks straight up from being in bed.
Frowny faces because someone didn't want to sit in a particular chair.
And the most beautiful pair of eyes this mother has ever seen. 
December days are also for 
Christmas programs
Silly fart sounds from your mouth
December days are for 
Lounging on the couch with a kitty and Franken-Blankie
Christmas Netflix favorites after lunch
And non-educational games on the iPad under a blanket so no one can bother you
December days are also for 

Day trips to the mall fully equipped with ninja swords
Escalator rides
Colorful potty breaks 
And a very important stop at the Lego store

December days are also important for
The sweet hug-reward from Daddy when he knows we've been patiently waiting for him all day
School breaks which involve playing UNO with a brother
Goofy faces with Mommy before bedtime
December is also for
Impromptu photo shoots with babuchas at 4 o'clock in the afternoon
December also brings
CitiKitty kit for potty training kitties in the commode
Red Tulle for beautiful neck bows and
A tree skirt that acts as a bed
I'm gonna be so sad when December ends. I'm really enjoying this time with the boys. 
The Christmas music I've been listening to on Pandora. Including this Playlist {Click it, I dare you}
The lack of Christmas food I've been making but ohhh sooo want to make
The time with family and the pictures I'll take. Because I can't remember anything anymore. 

Are you a Scrooge or a total nut for the holidays?