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A Pink Baby Shower

A Vacation During a "Pandemic"

Gulf Shores, Alabama in 2020! 

Summer Shots

Hello! It's almost Spring, it's true. But I edited some pictures from last summer, so here they are!
Lots of doggie cuddles and family conversations, good food, family visits and even loving sisterly spats (lol yeah right)... 
hello, it's me.
Summer sure was fun for the kiddos. We were glad we could get a visit from Karina and Carl. With the baby on the way, we wanted to get some belly rubs! 

All of the Activities {last} December

Our Decembers are usually jam-packed with activities and trips and shopping and school plays. We have been blessed enough that our Decembers are never tranquil enough to be idle and the holiday feelings surround us as we count down each day. 
Even though this was December 2019, I enjoy looking back at all of the activities we managed to do. I know the boys enjoy pulling out the bins from the attic (lol) and living in a chaotic mess for a few days while Mom arranges all of the decorations throughout the house. 
I know the kids also enjoy sitting on Santa's lap (lol) and letting him know what they want for Christmas even though certain little boys know that's not really Santa. 
And they also enjoy the drives around neighborhoods (lol) to see lights...but for sure, for sure, I think they enjoy the little train village that our church hosts each December. It is always so cool! 
Andrew entered a coloring contest for Safety with this drawing and won a 'trip' to school on a firetruck! 
This was my first few months back to work after being a SAHM for nearly 10 years and we handled it like champs! The kids' afternoons consisted of reading and playing games for the last hour that Mom had to work, then to do some errands or go to practice before heading home and waiting for Dad to come home from football practice or games...
I think we had like 2 or 3 advent calendars and lately Lego calendars have been pretty fun for the kids! 
We also were lucky enough to watch Elena "play" basketball. Her team was worse than awful, but she had a blast being friends with her team mates and talking instead of dribbling. 
Jonah played soccer for the first time and he absolutely loved it as well. He had a blast each game with his teammates being silly and passing each other the ball. 
Crafts and Cousins! 
...and Grinch costumes!