Saturday, November 18, 2017

Elena the Artist 🖌️

Hello! Welcome to Elena's little art exhibit! Come and be amazed at the ambidextrous little girl who loves to paint and get paint on her!
No seriously, she loves paint. Glitter paint, acrylic paint, watercolors, aquabrush, Lisa Frank coloring pages with the pre-colored animals and all you do is put water on it...
She wants it. 
And she gets it all over her, my carpet, and also her desk in the studio. It's alright. Let's paint everything. 
She knows to clean up and how to wash brushes, she knows to get a rag to wipe messes, etc. She's amazing, that girl.
While I was painting a shelf outside a few weeks back, I set up an easel for her and reused an old canvas board the boys had painted on (they're no good, ahem) and she absolutely loved it.
I don't tell her what to paint. She just tells me what colors to pour and she goes at it. 
She is a fan of black... 😒
She filled up the entire canvas and was done.... 
During studio days, she has a plethora of mediums to choose from (besides paints, duh) From markers to pastels, oil pastels to crayons, and coloring pencils. Her favorites though, are markers. 
And she's so savvy, she uses both hands. I mean, she's remarkable (ooooh i love her squishy fingers so much!!) 
Yes, I am biased. 
She likes to paint and color on herself....
She makes me print out specific characters for her to paint because the 1,000 coloring books just aren't good enough. And I love that she knows to 'stay inside the lines' does wonders for my eye-twitching.
Storytime crafts at the library are very fun for her. She will color every.single thing on her craft...she is also a master cutter. 
I bet you didn't know she knew how to cut with scissors yet. 
She cuts a piece of paper into a billion tiny little pieces and leave them all on my floor. If you're not amazed, then you just haven't had a kid (ha!)
My little artist is so amazing. She makes my days full of joy + laughter (+ frustration). She loves her mama so much so, that when mama is working on shop stuff, she knows to keep a distance in order not to mess her up. 
I've also learned not to even hint at using a different color for her, because she's the Color Picker. 
We work well. 
Most days. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

⚾ Jonah's Baseball Season - 2017

Woo! Fall ball has come and is done and phew! Seriously, sports are ridiculous time-consuming and I'm not even a die-hard sport mom. 
Jonah's season was a little short due to Hurricane Harvey but that was alright. It made us go outside and enjoy the non-existant fall weather here in South Texas. 
He also lost a few teeth during the season, not because he got hit, it's just that time. His team got 3rd place which was awesome and I enjoyed watching him get a little more serious about playing ball. 
This is not to say he's a fan of playing the sport, and has expressed dislike in playing again in the spring but dangit, I think both boys need to learn the sports well even if they're terrible at it. Am I bad mom or just a mean mom? Don't let me know...
Regardless, I think he enjoyed the kids he played ball with. They all had a blast during practices as well as during the games. 
It was a successful season and I wanted to give a shout out to our awesome coach, Coach Storm. He's the most patient, most knowledgeable, most kind hearted man to these kids, GOD BLESS HIM! He did fantastic. THANK YOU! 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Halloween 2017 in Pictures

Well, Halloween has come and gone (finally!) It always seems that on October 1st, the festivities begin and by December 31st, one is sick of anything ghoulish, pumpkiney, and pineconey. 
Regardless, I wanted to show off the kids' costumes this year. We didn't have a theme going on, which is nice on my wallet and brain, and there will always be more Halloweens. 
The Grim Reaper, The Flash, and Queen Elsa at your service: 

I absolutely loved working on Jonah's Flash. He always requests to watch it during family nights and we enjoy the show. 
Three itty bitty Witty's ready to go trick-or-treating! 
I love doing little gifs but I must admit, kids are hard to direct! Those kids can be such drama queens sometimes not wanting to coperate, so I did the best I could with what I had. 

That night we went out our usual neighborhood and it rained on us! It was a little bit at first, but then the cats and dogs came down. It was pitiful. Cranky kids, wet shoes, wet candies, tired feet.
Our candy was soaked but we had to rummage through our goods to see what we wanted to eat first. 
One candy and then off to bed! 
And here's a look back at our past Halloweens!