Thursday, January 6, 2011

talcum powder fiasco...

Oh, every once in a while things happen. 

Sometimes my most vigilant eyes see accidents happen like Jonah toppling over or Andrew stubbing his toe.

I know, I'm a Mommy. I'm supposed to, right?

But, I'm a Mommy of a 2 year old. 

Sometimes 2 year olds go through that "Let's see how much I can get away with" phase. 

Sometimes Mommy's vigilant eyes miss things like Andrew peeing all over the toilet bowl or Jonah spitting up.

Sometimes BIG things happen also. 

This happens when Mommy is in a different room than her 2 year old. 

It also happens when Daddy is asleep on the couch.

Andrew's latest victim, happened to be his room.

He loves getting on the changing table....

So when things got really quiet after a while, I immediately wondered where my 2 year old was and what he was up to. 

No, wait, backtrack. 

The aroma of something powdery reached my nostrils, and I immediately wondered where my 2 year old was and what he was up to.

Like always, dear hubby had no clue and didn't seem to bother him. 

(Hubby's reactions aren't quite as quick as Mommy's sometimes, in the "Where's the kid? Department" although he would definitely argue otherwise in other on the Kinect Sports track challenge.)


Yeah, I know you're all wondering now. Itchin' to see some pics. 

I just laughed when I walked in. I saw my kid covered in baby powder. 

Then I glanced at the changing table.

Then I glanced at the bed. 

THEN, I glanced everywhere else...


What can a Mother do in these instances? 

Just grin and laugh.

And then grab the camera and take some pictures.

Well, here they are:


the notorious changing table

Woody got the worst of it...He was covered from hat to boots in this powdery substance.

The pillow pets didn't survive either...