Thursday, December 18, 2014

time for some basketball

the boys started basketball a few weeks ago. it has been an adventure to say the least. i'll never forget how my son could literally not hold still for more than a few seconds at his first practice, jumping up and down like a grasshopper on Ritalin...the excitement in his body said it all--he loved the sport. 
to me, this little group of 4, 5, and 6 year olds is more than i can possibly handle so i'm glad another human being is taking care of that part. they're here to have fun, and that's what they're doing. 
the boys were so excited when they got their uniforms too, i made them pose for some pics before their first game (which by the way, was pure chaos).
i love my little cheeseballs....
i asked them to give me their favorite basketball pose and this is what they came up with: jonah dribbling the ball, and Andrew with some ninja block.
i think andrew handled the chaos quite well, excelling in the hyper and the dribbling and taking the ball away department while jonah felt like he was a little overwhelmed. all the shouting and little tiny bodies going in every which way was, i feel, a little too much for my little boy. 
but oh my gosh, my heart was so full just seeing him out there running and those shorts all the way down to his ankles.
coach witty (dad) was a great big help to the team. it's not easy coaching 11 little bodies a new sport, but they sure are trying. 
me and elena are just eye candy on the sidelines ;)
just kidding, we're cheerleading eye candy. 
that's better.
are you a fan of your kids during their games? i hope we get more chances for the boys to try out different sports in the area like soccer or teeball. i'm not too sure about football though.... (don't hate me, husband!) i couldn't stand it if my baby got hurt!
practices have improved a little but games are still pure chaos. it does make for one entertaining (and very overwhelming) hour though. 
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

christmas letters

This year I made sure that the boys wrote letters to Santa. They've never done one before. Jonah has finally learned all his letters and writes things on his own so I thought it was the perfect year to do so. 
The boys have not fallen for the 'being good or Santa won't bring you presents' this year no matter how many threats I throw their way, but this was exciting for them--especially Jonah. 
All Jonah thinks about is his Hot Wheels and monster trucks.
All Andrew thinks about is his Tenkai Knights (knock-off Lego's) guys, so that's what the boys asked for.
Now, I've researched online about sending in letters. USPS had such an extensive numbered list (10 steps! 10!) about being doubly sneaky with your kid's letter (that is just too much for me) that I knew it wasn't for me. Then the good ol' radio played the commercial about Macy's having a mail drop box at the mall. 
I knew that was for me. 
Only Andrew had such a 6-year old attitude about not wanting pictures and Elena was being her needy self again and Andrew had forgotten his letter he wrote and the elevator to the third floor had just become out of order and I neglected to put the stamps in my almost felt like the Universe was against the kids sending Santa letters. 
But did I give up? 
Heck no. I had made it this far, by gosh, I was gonna mail those letters daaaarnit! 
And ohhh what a sweet North Pole-ish sight! It was the perfect photo op! 
Place the stamp and
....drop it in!!! 
Andrew had to write a whole new letter to Santa but it's ok because he already knew what it was going to ask for, and he just needed a bit of help spelling some words. 
We were quite lucky that the day we went, Macy's would donate twice the amount of their donation to Make-A-Wish foundation, so that was definitely a plus. 
We fooled a little around in the mall (just a bit in the playground, I'm not brave enough to enter it during this season) and then the boys fooled a bit outside in the trees while I manhandled the stroller into my mom-van. 
Hope you guys are having a great season so far! Ours has been challenging (nothing big) but it's been happy and full of love. 
Can't wait to post pictures with Santa next! How do you document the season?
Have a great week! 
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Monday, December 8, 2014

thanksgiving 2014

yikes, only like two and a half week til Christmas and I'm over here still on Thanksgiving! thanksgiving---so so so much to be thankful for! our family, our safe travels, our beautiful healthy kids, delicious food in our tummies, blessed and beautiful days, Jesus' love & forgiveness---the list could go on and on and on...
our holiday this year would be small and simple. usually it's big and simple, but one of my aunts went missing (to another state, hi tia!) so that she could be with her family this thanksgiving. my sisters were quite upset because if she wasn't there, then neither were her sweet potato casseroles or scrumptious bread rolls. you.were.missed.Betsy.
i am not a cooker. baker. in fact, anything in the kitchen. the only thing i rock at are tacos and guac. so doing all those traditional thanksgiving meals? yeah, we might as well just have tacos.
but i do know how to letter. so i lettered fruits for each plate at the table. i originally saw this idea on Fern & Fog's Instagram feed and thought it would be the perfect, minimalist addition to our table.
the boys were old enough this year to help set the table. they had a blast with the knives and forks. 

finally, we were ready to chow down!
even though we were missing homemade rolls, the food was actually reaaaaaally delicious. i don't know what it was, the same cook prepared it as all the previous years--- she must have put in some extra love, right Mom? 
 it was Leo's first time to eat some homemade cranberry sauce....but he didn't enjoy it. 
and let's not forget, Aunt Debbie is one killer pie maker! her whiskey induced apple pie with some burned crust hit the spot. does anyone else like toasty burned food besides me? or am i just really weird....maybe that's why i'm such an awful cook.
besides the delicious food, there was a bit of family drama, games and spending the rest of the day eating thanksgiving leftovers. i tried coaxing my mom into setting up the christmas tree, but we were all too full and too lazy to get out of that food coma.
how was your thanksgiving? i hope you had a great one! have a blessed week!!