Wednesday, August 20, 2014

that time we went camping in july in the middle of texas and in tents...

oy vey! that was a pretty hot weekend ☼ i'm still trying to catalog it in the back of my head in hopes of forgetting how miserably hot it was and how i was denied any kind of a wifi network...
but check it out ►►► the boys? they loved it. can you tell by their crumb-filled freckled faces? perfect days for little boys...
oh texas. how i love you. i do. but if your weather could be a little more like Cali's, i don't think i would EVER wish to leave please, cool off a little, mkay?
we spent three days at Lake Whitney. we were present for a relative's low key wedding on that lake, and turns out, Jonah turned four that weekend too.
pretty much, the only way to cool off was to get into the water. you had to trek about half a mile to get there too. wet flip flops while carrying a 5 month old was not an ideal situation. not to mention that if anyone touches me while i'm a hot, sweaty & beautiful mess, you will die
lucky for us my in-laws have a boat. that was fun :) 
andrew loves taking the wheel and jonah loves the tube....
there really wasn't much to do except for drinking blue powerade and lounge around until the heat puts you to sleep. 
and we sorta celebrated Jonah's 4th birthday with melted cupcakes...those were a yummy mess. i was totally unprepared mentally for the heat, much less a party. but I loved the way he embraced every.single.ring! he wanted everyone to have one. he even wore them all over his little tiny sticky was pretty ew.
and Elena decided she was ready to literally dive into a hotdog...please don't judge me.
it was so bloody hot, it feels like that's all what's left to say. 
but i'll leave you with the cutest imagery of a lil' hot potato who will melt your heart and not your do potatoes melt your underwear? I have no idea...just roll with it.
a sneezy little thing
cloth diaper by Diaper Circus on etsy
carseat cover tutorial here
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

a tiny little bit overdue with the cuteness

Finally set up my computer and can semi-blog now...iPhone makes it too hard! Wish Google would work on improving both the app and the site because they are so outdated (shh don't tell them I called them out on it).
I am posting these pics from about a month and a half ago (4.5 months old) because 1. they were too cute not to share and 2. because she had just learned to hold her head steady while on her tummy. Milestones, you guys. Milestones. 
And there's our Tyler Elena....
She is the most curious thing, the fastest learner, the best drooler, and the most happiest baby in all the land--well, when Mommy or Daddy hold her. I thought it was about time you guys knew that.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

My Sunshine(s)

I wanted to officially record that these guys were gone for 16 days while Gary and I tried to work on the #wittyhomereno. It was a long stay at their Moomie's, but there's no doubt they enjoyed themselves at the farm. 
They were spoiled to the core. Free as can be. And wore out til their little bodies could just no more...
Ima just take a second to thank Apple for inventing FaceTime and whoever invented Snapchat (the app) too, because it made it possible to see them when I really missed them. 
And I missed them something fierce, my heart ached knowing I was not there watching them grow up. But I was having too much "fun" here in our remodeling adventure as well. I put 'fun' in quotations because it wasn't fun at all.
It was arduous, painful work which we are still recovering from. 
My awesome sister decided that she would love to help with painting my walls and made her way down from Fort Worth. Paint director, check. She is basically the only one I trust with paint, because I was not about to let Gary go near a paint roller. Ha! 
We made Home Depot our third home and made ourselves comfy in the paint department. Choices, choices, choices. 
Do you know how brain wracking is choosing the right paint color? Such a task. And an important one too! 
But let's not talk about paint just yet. Let's talk about how Leo absolutely loves his cousin Elena. He loves her very much. 
He was absolutely, tremendously curious about her. But Elena? Not so much. Can you tell why? 
It was such a battle to work and keep babies happy. I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I'm not exactly sure how we pulled it off, but we actually managed to paint ceilings and walls and make them look finished!!! Between my sister and I, there were about 148,082 diapers changed, 293 pounds of food consumed (half of that by baby Leo) and about half a billion minutes spent trying to rock them to sleep so we could actually accomplish something, anything, each day for almost two weeks. Babies don't like being ignored....
But we did what we could. If it hadn't been for her, I would have been such a mess, I'm notorious for being scatter-brained, you know? She was like my compass, always pointing me in the right direction, keeping her cool like a boss.
She did make several executive decisions...
So that was that. It was needed, appreciate and learned from. Thank you, Caren. And I miss ya. 
And then we finally picked up the boys...oh my heart. I was so excited, awaiting their hugs and kisses and endless stories about their uncle who's so mean to them because he calls them turkey butts. All of it I missed. 
And I finally got them back. All stinky and rough, but I had them in my arms. Can you tell how much they complete me? 
Mucho. They are and will always be my babies. My everything. 
I am forever endebted to our family for always being there when we need them. Always providing when we can't. Always lending us all their helping hands so that our family can make it. Without them, we would be nothing but poor, lost and rough souls just scraping by. Thank you everybody for helping us out, we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.