Saturday, August 1, 2015

galveston 2015

earlier this year, my MIL rented a beautiful house by the galveston beach. if only the weather could have cooperated a bit more, it would have been so perfect. the house, called Blue Breeze, had so much charm to it. 
our first day, light rains clouded our sun. winds made the waters choppy and slightly cold *brr* but it didn't stop us from enjoying the day at the beach. the boys were so pumped....while i had to gently reassure little girl that sand was ok. 
we found one lonesome, but beautiful jellyfish. oh, its colors were just absolutely fantastic. my FIL wrangled his tentacles and showed all the grandkids which part you have to look out for.
we headed back to the Blue Breeze to chill out and grab some snacks.
the next morning, to our surprise, the wind had died down and the sun was shining so beautifully! i enjoyed my morning coffee with a quick sketch and slowly, the husband and all the children started piling out the door. 
soon, we were ready to head out to the beach and catch some waves again. but first, i had to appreciate the beautiful patterns and colors of those houses by the coast. so old, yet so colorful.
with some new boogie boards, andrew crushed those waves + elena conquered her disgust with the sand by swimming in a small body of water caused by the heavy winds during the night.

the boys never quit. they never took a break. they just played and played and surfed and splashed. when we got back to the Blue Breeze, i noticed some prominent little brown friends on andrew's nose. my handsome guy was covered in freckles.

we cleaned up and headed down to the pleasure pier area which is magnificent for night photography, but terrible at seating parties of 11 people. 

so while we restlessly waited and waited for our table, i took my exhausted boys down to the beach to catch the sunset. and then the winds and rain started back up again...threatening to ruin our night.

we finally got our tables and both boys passed our on their french fries and had to be carried all the way back to the Blue Breeze.
we had a great time. we took a bucket of sand back with us, no doubt, but we had a van full of tired + happy kids and some grateful parents.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

visit to the country

a few weeks back, i visited my mother in the country side...the countryside i grew up in is still so tranquil and peaceful --when mom's not dishing out her chore list, that is.
i woke up one morning and decided to just go out and do some photo journaling of our farm.
the animals were very cooperative that day...and so were the blooms. oh such beautiful colors!! and against that sunrise?
...and the spider...
my sister rides her horses pretty religiously and i even went out for a ride with her. i was pretty sore the next day with just 15 minutes of loping---ouch. she's such a cute cowgirl.
my nephew looked so much better than me mounted up on that handsome Chief, for sure.
upon arriving to the country, i never knew how much elena was obsessed with animals. with cats and dogs and ducks and chickens and cows, her fascination never ceased. she would point and switch to "temporary checked-out" mode. she would reach out to touch and experience each animal with joy -- but be wary of that stinkin' poodle, Scrappy--he's a grouchy dog. she learned quick.
Freckles, on the other hand, by far thee best dog on earth. she is definitely the greatest with kids. you can see by the torturous behavior she endures not only from elena, but from my nephew as well.
once you visit Moomie in the country, get ready to be spoiled. this time it was colored sugar cookie dough. the boys made hearts for me (aww, so sweet) and dinosaurs and a giant robot smothered with colorful sprinkles.
and what do you do when you're out in the country? you go-kart. 
i've never seen lil sis go out on the go-kart so this was new---wait wait, i bet you're asking yourself how she rides wild animals at galloping speeds but won't ride a go-kart?  
i know, right? i asked her the same thing and she just chuckled from embarrassment. different people, i guess. 
we celebrated my nephews 2nd birthday that week by eating great burgers + cake and going to the local water park.
i love this shot of all four cousins...(taken with iphone)

the country is about messy faces, afternoons eating chips and salsa outdoors, family, chasing chickens, taking naps, and doing chores. yes ma'am. 
if you're city folk, you should try it out sometime---aranda farms is open for business ;) (you're welcome, mom)
have a great weekend everyone! 
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