Thursday, February 11, 2016

valentine's shoot

happy valentine's from the witty kids! 
the thing about valentine's with kids is that it's soooo cute. the boys have a party on friday in class and this is the first year ever i've really made them do valentine's. i remember it was a big deal when i went to school, so we sat down at the table and did them. it was adorable.
and lately, the boys schedules have been kinda crazy & tiring. sometimes as a treat, i take them to get some donuts at the local panaderia. this time though, i made them wait to eat them until i got my pictures (insert evil laugh)
bribes work wonderfully with kids, FYI. hope you enjoyed this post-- the kids loved it!

check out my valentine's post from a few years back
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Monday, February 8, 2016

two years old + pigtails

my little girl is two today. 2!!!
she acts like a 12 year old, though. she knows how to talk on the cell phone, snapchat, wipe her butt, & brush her teeth. she knows how to cross the street (don't ask) & how to keep up with them boys...
she knows what she wants, she's a singing monster when we go grocery shopping, and loves her toenails painted. 
she needs nothing. well, almost. 
one thing she does lack though, is hair. this hair is the s...l...o...w...e...s...t hair to ever grow. it's finally getting some length after we buzzed it all off---over a year ago. we buzz the boys hair off all the time, why not hers? don't judge.
so, without going on and on about hair....just see what i finally could do to her hair!!! eeeek!
i'm so excited!

she's the best model i've ever taken pictures of. come on, don't deny it....she's super cute. and those pigtails? they lasted all the way until naptime. *fist bump*
have a great week, everyone!
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

remembering her birth day

guess who is turning 2 in about 3 days? thats right! my little baby girl...wahhh! keeping that baby fever at bay is a full time job alongside this little spunky girl. 
preparations are ongoing this week so we can celebrate her. the only girl. i swore up and down i wouldn't go girl crazy when she was born...boy, what a big fat lie that was! 
first, it was the headbands...then, it was the pink & gold birthday...and then it's the baby dolls, the princesses, and the dresses. it goes on and on. 
and you know what? 
i'm all for it.
because after so many years of thomas the train, toy story, skylanders, pokemon & power rangers,'s nice to have a change. 
and so her story began like this....
and this is what she's become...
her birth story was written and captured as best as it could have...and i'm SO in love with looking back at her pictures. her birth was truly perfect (i can say that, because the last two previous births, were SO not perfect despite two beautiful boys). 
if you remember from the post, i gave the boys some kodak cameras to take pictures as they pleased. and i realized that i never posted the images they captured. from about 50 images, only 4 good ones came out. 
even though the lighting was perfect, the cameras were either damaged or are the film was SO bad inside that they were almost all black & grainy. 
below, are 3 images that were captured with the disposable kodak cameras :) Enjoy!
on the 8th (really today, the 5th), we will celebrate her life. her spunk. every single smile she gives & every sassy molecule that emits from her ridiculously beautiful face. don't tell me that's not possible, because it totally is. 
she's growing up, good heavens. and i love her more than i ever thought i could possibly love someone. 
happy birthday, elena. daddy & mommy (and lots more people) love you. 
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