Monday, December 11, 2017

Putting up our Christmas Tree

So guess what?! I had forgotten we had sold our old green tree at a yard sale this summer and we didn't have a tree this year! 
I told Gary to get a cheapie one from Walmart and I was bold enough to even request a white one. Annnnd to be honest, I LOVE it. It makes the room so bright and shiny. 
We put ornaments on the tree several days in a row because we couldn't get our stuff together. Our evenings lately seem like a pen of wild chickens and yet somehow, it all is quiet at bedtime. 
The elves made their way onto the tree and some candy canes I had bought. Starburst and Jolly Ranchers of course...
I told the kids to pick their favorite ornament and let me take pictures of them putting them on the tree. Jonah loves any type of craft so he chose one he made a year or two ago.
Andrew picked another handmade ornament made by an old friend. I've posted about these owls a long time ago. I so appreciate the amount of time it took to make. They're so cute. He wanted to take it to school the next day to put on his classroom tree.
Without prompting him, he began stabbing the cactus in the back with an icicle.  
 My cute little cactus ornament made by It's Sooo Fluffy She's the coolest! 
Elena picked out a vintage velvet deer that I fortunately (and don't know how) picked up at the thrift store a long time ago.
 While the deer is also one of my most favorite ornaments, below are a couple of others...
One little lonely present that has no name tag on purpose so the kids don't fight over who's (whose?) it for
And it never fails, the cluster decorating of one branch....makes my OCD go crazy
Hung up our stockings and voila! Magical...

Gary also was busy decorating the outside with some lights. He was unusually cheery.
And no, I do not turn off my lights. Nope. Not gonna happen. 
 And of course we had to take a family picture at our local church's foyer. This thing is gigantic!!
Don't forget the Elves see everything you do and report to Santa so I hope you too, have been behaving and not pouting! 
Hope you're having a wonderful week and that you've bought all your Christmas gifts! If not, hurry! There's still time ;) 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

🍗 Our Thanksgiving 2017 🦃

Well, our Thanksgiving was blessed and it's easy to say a squishy precious baby stole the show completely. We headed to my aunt's house in Granbury, TX to celebrate and eat all the delicious foods and visit with family. Hi-Res pictures available in link at the end! 
My grandmother and my aunt spent some time figuring out her fancy stove in her brand new kitchen and they both were just busy bodies around the kitchen prepping, and placing, and looking beautiful when I called out to them to smile.
Syrian tablecloths, pistachios, and loofah's adorned her enormous table. Elena doesn't eat pistachios but we found out she liked cracking them open and hand-feeding them to me. I love pistachios.
 We had regular pies and sugar free pies for those poor souls who can't process sugar.

My momma was all over the place visiting with everyone and enjoying herself. For once, Thanksgiving was not being hosted at her house. I think she quite enjoyed herself.
While everyone was catching up, prepping, and lounging around...the babies both examined each other and then played together. Elena loves babies but I'm not sure if she liked the real life baby as much as her play ones! 
There was just too much to see and too many people to meet!
Right outside in the backyard, there were pilots in small airplanes doing stunts for some spectators below...
Those cheeks!
Elias, my cousin's husband, read Psalms 65:9-13 before we blessed the food. 
 Let's get ready to overfill our plates and stuff our stomachs until we feell sick!!!
My gorgeous aunt in her natural curly cue pig tails spending time with no one else but her grandbaby. We were all blessed the Chavezes came to see us to share their squishy baby and finally get the chance to meet her IRL (in real life)! I think she was teething a lil' bit!
After food and two helpings of dessert, it was time to play games, be lazy on phones, talk, and go Black Friday shopping! 
A tradition we have is playing Mexican Train
And of course, the Cowboys game was on (but not for long!)
No one can resist kissing those squishy cheeks! 
I wanted to take some pictures of the Chavezes since we only get to see them once a year. And like daughter like father, eyes...closed....

Aren't they just the cutest!!!! 
So, I do have to admit that I am probably the worst photographer because I did not take a whole family picture and I'm just kicking myself in the rear end about it.
I should have dragged everyone outside and made them look at the camera -- maybe next year! 
As always, thanks to my tias, tios, prima, primo, abuela, mama, and husband for coming together to enjoy one another in thanksgiving and fellowship! ...even though I didn't get to eat pumpkin roll 😭