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Querida Mami Tola

Almost two years have passed since we found out the terrible news that we had lost our grandmother, Mami Tola. Her health had been deteriorating for years and she finally passed away the day before before my Father's birthday (his mother). My sister and I hurriedly got in my car and did the 14 hour trek south of the border into Durango Mexico. We arrived late that night and embraced our father for such a long time, we all started weeping. 

Spring Baseball 2016

I'm just going to insert this post quietly in here, even though this was 4 years ago. Shhhh...
Look at my cute ball players! Aren't they adorable! Y'all, being a mother of a kid in sports is NO JOKE! It is pure dedication! 
Thankfully, we have moved from baseball to soccer and basketball, but I still love the game! I wish my Astros were playing right now (thanks, coronavirus). 

Easter 2020

Happy Easter y'all! I made the kids trace their hands and I turned them into bunnies! We celebrated completely on our own this year, no visiting relatives or having company, thanks to the coronavirus. 

Wita's Birthday

Our own Wita, the matriarch, turned 88 years young in February. She donned her crown and celebrated with people that love and cherish her.