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🎅 Santa's Wonderland in College Station 🎅

Guessss what? You guessed it! This was from last year! We traveled to College Station for a little bit of family fun and landed in the Rudolph parking lot at Santa's Wonderland. This place is something magical. Lights, hayrides, and the friendliest ranch hands around make it for a fun Christmas get together. The weather was really humid and hot for November, which was insane because the year before, it was super cold we bought hot chocolate and watched A Christmas Story next to the fire! 
The kids wanted to do the bull riding again and I think quite honestly, that's their favorite part. They had opened up a new section which you had to take a train up a hill to arrive at some Gingerbread house with some bouncy houses, and Santa was up there, too. You could write him a letter and check if you were on the naughty list or not. The only bad thing was that 3 hours wasn't enough time to do everything and we missed out on a lot of things because of it. 
The lines were a bit insane and only got to ride the tubes down once on the ice. Other than that, the food and everything else was pretty fun! You should try it out if you're ever looking for something to do come Christmastime. 

🍗 A Family Thanksgiving 🍗

Our Family Thanksgiving 2019

First of all, like I need to say it, right? This was last year's Thanksgiving. Like, duh. 

There was a lot of crafting, flower arranging, painting, fellowship, gaming, and food. There's always too much food. Good food. And gratefulness and thanksgiving. And pictures, we can't forget pictures.

I am noticing a lot of changes right now since last year. Now, there's a brand new baby. Carl and Karina have a baby girl for Thanksgiving! The 5 kids in these pictures have all grown several inches and lost several teeth. Between us old folks, there's more wrinkles and grey hairs and perhaps bigger smiles, though. This was a good Thanksgiving, and like I said, we were grateful for all the people that showed up. 

Things in November

Last November we had a jam packed month. One of the things we did together was make Popping Chocolate Spiders out of the Rutabaga The Adventure Chef children's books. We were just fresh off that Halloween hype, ya know? And the recipe seemed easy enough. And Elena 'helped' of course...
While we were loving our home indoors, Andrew's class went on an overnight field trip with his entire class. He had a blast! 
Any outdoor adventure that makes him think scientifically is his jam...
This month we had a crazy kid want to try soccer and love it. Not to mention we got to be outside during some very pretty days that made my husband look irresistible in the morning light. 
Are you done gagging yet? I'll post Jonah's soccer pictures on a separate post...I just wanted y'all to look at my husband y'all... 😍
Jonah at Nerf Night at church: 
We went to the Kid's Art Soiree and had fun. Jonah won something....
This is last year, hopefully next year I'll post 2020's November -- haha! 

There's a Bundle of Joy on the Way!

We will be having a new little one join our family --- it makes me so excited! My brother Carl and his wife, Karina are due next month. She is radiant and beautiful, and Carl is...well, Carl. 
Enjoy! Will be posting the Baby Shower pictures after this post. 
Once the baby comes, Carl will be walking around like this more often.