Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jonah Bear and Creative Andrew (updated pics)

We visited Tia Betsy this past weekend to join her in her Baby-Round-Up where all the kiddos she's delivered over these past years, met up...
Visitamos a Tia Betsy el fin de semana para su Redondeo de Bebes donde se juntaron todos los nenes que ayudo a nacer.
Jonah 4 months
Jonas, 4 meses

Jonah with his middle fingers in his mouth
Jonas con sus deditos en la bocota!

Picture time with Mommy
Foto con mami

Halloween onesie!
Calaca para Dia de los Muertos!

Watching Andrew play outside
Afuera viendo a Andres jugar


and NOW for.....
So what is up with this creativity!?
Que ondas con esta creatividad?

We went to Sonic to play for a while and he had a blast with the other [unknown] kids...
Fuimos a Sonic a jugar y se divertio con los otros niƱos [desconocidos]....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ACU fountain

So we walked INTO the ACU campus and not around it and this is what we found....


Testing me to see what I'll say...


...Mommy doesn't say anything, which means "IT'S OKAY!!!"

OK, it's play time now foo's!

completely soaked and shivering, BUT HAPPY!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the Bumbo and the Johnny Jump-Up

"Where are those darn fingers at!??!"


"How's this for serious, Mom?"



"I'm bored now mom..."

freaking weird hairline...who did this come from?

all smiles while getting his butt wiped - again!

This little guy loves his Johnny Jump-Up...

and so does this other little guy...
He loves to push Jonah and spin him and push him some more...

"Enough of this Mom, it's MY turn...."

"Never mind, MA!!!

hey Jonah bear

and we're OUT!

As long as he has something in his mouth, he's fine...

In the sling in the most natural light. Ever. 
I heart this picture! 
My crappy kodak actually took this one too! Amazing!

Outside play before the leaves fall...

Front lawn on a sunny September day

vacuum attachments were involved

they were used as swords,


rock diggers

and telescopes again...

good times!