Wednesday, August 28, 2013


when i was a kid, i remember bits and pieces of my parents splitting up. but i remember still having to go to school. i remember staying with dad for some time, no mom. and one fond memory i have always had is when he would "pack my lunch" with only a can of V8 tomato juice, a slice of a lime and a napkin. i've always loved that drink. until i looked at the sodium content! so, this week, i treated myself to a V8 {low sodium version of course} since i'm not feeling up to eating my proper amount of vegetables & fruits in this pregnancy, mostly just pigging out potatoes and fried eggs. 
oh my, i loved every. single. sip. the lime is what hits the spot, you know? 
anyway, here are just snapshots of the past few weeks i just had to share. 
i guess i go through times where i photograph one kid more than the other...i have gaps of photos of andrew and vice versa with jonah. next week, i will prepare myself as i photograph my kiddo entering kindergarten! 
happy hump day everyone!
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