Thursday, July 28, 2011

NY Pt. 3

My final, LONG, post of New York! 
I totally apologize for not posting these sooner, but life has been really really hectic.

The boys birthday party was last week, so after this post, I will do that. 

Besides our Harry Potter, Lego and NBC Studio walkabouts in NYC, we landed at Central Park. 
Central Park was two blocks from our hotel. Super nice. 

Palomas were everywhere! Andrew loved chasing them

But what was super nicer about Central Park? The park we immediately encountered with billions of kids.
And a sweeter bonus? A water play-area for kids. 
Awesome, New York.

We walked through Central Park Zoo, not really interested in seeing it. 
It was tiny, and it didn't have Gloria, Alex, Marty and Melman--so why bother?

Walking back to our room!

We were getting ready to go watch Cars 2 (which debuted that weekend) and I snapped some pictures of my beautiful baby boy.

To not be late, we decided to take the metro. Movie theater was about 10 blocks away.
But we had already walked 100 miles that day.
The stairs down were dirty and grimey. The smell was weird. The air, so confiscating and stuffy. 

The experience? It was worth this picture.

We finally arrived to Times Square where billboards just lit up the entire street.

And on to watch Cars 2. 

We walked around after watching it. The kids behaved terribly at the movie, if you're wondering.

Show billboards EVERYWHERE!

NYC life is so brilliantly busy!

On our way back home, we encountered eclectic people.

Like this ripped dude, who liked working out in front of everyone. 
And showing his ripped abs.

And this dude. Who likes to dress in a green body suit.

We passed vendors on every corner.
Purses, caricatures, scarves, and RINGS!!!

Pretty and sparkly in the Big Apple lights!

We found out Tracy Morgan was showing this weekend! 
He's from the show 30 Rock. Hilarious.

Gift Shops almost every other block. 
Filled up above my head with souvenirs. 

We also found a lot of skyscrapers.

And somehow we ended up at a Chinese calendar statues things by Central Park...
Gary's from the year of the Dog

Andrew and I are from the year of the Rat

Jonah was the year of the Tiger. (Couldn't get the picture to load!!)

And another trip on the metro. 
It was stinky fun!

This next picture, I snapped because I liked how the red stripes totally collided with each other.

Red bricks. 

One thing NYC sorta disappointed us in, was the food. 
We had good pizza, but I guess we were so out of it that we just stopped at this poor beggar food vendor on the corner and paid him half a month's salary for some crappy gyro's and philly cheese steak sandwich. 

At least his picture came out good. It's like he knew I was going to snap a pic.

Another adventure we went on, was to see the top of Rockefeller Center. 

Here we are at the top, thanks to a French chick.

This was inside the building.

Jonah was our guide.

One of my fave pics.

Central Park on one side.

Empire State Building on the other!

You can't hardly see but above the officer's head it reads "30 Rockefeller Plaza"

ABC Studios where they record Good Morning America!

We took a city tour, which was interesting. 
We went from NYC to Manhattan to Brooklyn and back...

Times Square

We went to Grand Central Station too!


It was gigantic. Now every time I see that commercial about the fool who mob dances a half hour before every one else, I get excited because I've been there. 


The ceiling has painted constellations, and a beautiful turquoise color.

The architecture was awesome.

Payphones at the station

OH and MORE weirdos!!!

The Empire State Building as we pass by!

I love NY's architecture. I love seeing it in movies and wondering if they really live in those apartments with outside stairs. 
They do.

This is the smallest street in NY.

Crossing some bridge

Jonah and Andrew wouldn't sit still on the tour.

The sunset was GORGEOUS!

I give Jo-Jo some lovin'. And he's lovin' it.

Check out that intersection!

All lit up.

Our last night at the Wellington.

The lobby

This was Jonah, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Our room was tiny, expensive, and outdated. 

We left our room and got on the road home. 

But not before seeing something else first.

We got on a ferry...

(love them tootsies)

We left a train station, now turned 'ferry' station.

We saw Ellis Island from afar.

And FINALLY, we spotted her.

You guys won't believe how many pictures we had to take in order to get this one. 

I mean, seriously, people do NOT know how to take a picture. 


Our ferry, Miss Liberty, the Statue, and New Jersey, all in one shot: 

Jonah is the greatest picture taker--EVER.

Andrew, on our ride back to our car on the New Jersey part.

Then we made our way back home.
And guess what encountered most of the way back? 


And ....

Yeah, the laundry got done.

Overall, it's still a bit nuts to think we traveled to New York. With two babies.
My husband now claims we need to go West, towards San Francisco.

Next summer, honey, next summer.