Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Witty's!

Every year I post some 'outtakes' from our Christmas card I send out. Obviously I send you only the best one. You're welcome. 
But if you're curious, you can take a look at previous ones here: 20122013, 2014, 2015
Also, I must confess--I'm not a very good planner! These were taken in December and let me tell you something: DON'T WAIT TIL DECEMBER TO TAKE FAMILY PICTURES. Ugh, the weather. Texas weather anyway... In ONE day it can freeze, rain, fog, and feel like summer within a few hours. It's nuts. And actually, I did plan on making an elaborate background for our pictures and that idea was just too much to bear with everything else on my plate. 
Now, if you're wondering, "Lynet, you're a stay at home mom, what do you do all day?" That my friend, is a question I assume you know better than to ask a SAHM mom. But if you must know, our paper shop took off with a bang mid November and I have barely had any time to breathe let alone cook supper every night and pick up my family's dirty socks. 
SO. I did what I could with what I got and this, THIS is what I got. And I will cherish in absolute what I've got because to me, it's the most important thing. 
So enjoy our ridiculousness and my totally made up words....
So this is it before the big day! We hope your time with family & loved ones is the most warmest, beautifullest, precious time of all. 
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Monday, December 19, 2016

all in good cheer!

December is finally upon us! Christmas is a week away and I wanted to show you some snaps I've taken throughout our days. 
We busted our decorations the first days of the month to bring some cheer into our home. Many of the decorations are thrifted ones except the ones I bought as crafts for a little Christmas town at Michael's. 
Several years ago when the boys were smaller, we made a little Christmas town out of cardboxes. It was fun making them but when I opened our Christmas storage bin this year, they were crushed! I must not have packed them correctly. So I decided it would be great for the boys & little girl to make some new ones! These were challenging at times for the boys and we had to use hot glue for them (longer lasting architecture) but the end result was worth it. 
Of course, Elena had a lot of help hehe! 
This little gingerbread house was one we had done a couple of years ago. The boys love playing and losing the gingerbread man. 
I added some lights behind the town to brighten it up and hung the kids stockings up above. 
Last year my mother made a felt Christmas tree. We pulled it out to decorate it! We now have 3 trees -- all fake! One in the living room, a little one in the boys room, and this felt one. We are so festive!
Watch a fast motion video of us decorating our tree! 
I made sure to plan some Christmas crafts for Elena. I don't normally craft any more because headache and clean up but I enjoyed spending this concentrated time with her. She's so independent in any activity I usually just clean up after her. She's a great artist. She loved the cotton ball snowman & Santa Claus. 
Our advent calendar changed a bit from previous years. I got major kudos from Gary for doing it this way and the kids enjoy busting through the paper each day. 
Our little nativity scene is centered at our table. A shepherd is missing but it's ok. I want to invest in a really good wooden nativity scene soon. Meanwhile, these cute little ones will work. That's Jonah's handy barn in the foreground. 
And of course, it was time to put my beautiful plants all indoors and let them be festive right alongside us. 
I always love my Christmas Cactus blooming. It is taking a little longer this year but it seems that it'll get there...
Our mega church is ridiculous at Christmas time. They had a gigantic Christmas tree in the lobby and have 4 or 5 tracks of trains in the children's building that the kids absolutely love to watch. They also put a puppet play that we watch yearly.
Christmas Ranch in north Cleveland was a sweet quick treat. We met Santa and were dazzled at the lights these couple completely go overboard with Christmas lights. It's free and fun. 
We hope you have a merry Christmas! May your days be blessed and joyous as you spend time with the ones you love!

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