Friday, October 20, 2017

10 Years of Marriage

You are reading that right. It's our 10 year anniversary today and I am just as shocked as you. Still have no idea how we got here considering that dating for 5 years, that itself, felt like an eternity. 
I do love looking back at everything we've been able to overcome and make. I absolutely love that 'growing old together' cliches are completely true. I love how comfortable we are with each other and how much we still have yet to grow. 
This was us, 10 year ago. Surrounded by everyone that cares and loves us, coming to celebrate us and bless our commitment to one another. And even though our wedding flashed by and we hardly had a moment to think a thought, I still get tingles remembering that day.
The same place where we were married, happened to be a place I took our children 7 years later in 2014. Elena was barely 8 months old and Andrew had started school. Jonah is adorably squishy and cute.
Brennan Vineyards is a really elegant place in central Texas (and out of place in Comanche, TX). If you're ever on a wine tour in big ol' Texas, make sure you stop there. Great wine and atmosphere, I really wish we could visit more often!

Our family size has stayed the same (unfortunately), but we've all grown. 
So this is what it's like. 
And this...
Most times, it's not like this at all...
Listen, I was recently asked what the purpose of being a relationship is for and it caught me off-guard. I didn't want to answer in a cheesy way -- even though you could put a check mark on all those reasons -- but basically the answer I gave was because that person, becomes your complement. 
The thing is, you are already whole. 
You just need a little extra spice. 
And in times where I need a more sturdy outlook in life or footing, he's my rock. 
Spice + Rock. The End. What more do you want, right? 
This man is my everything and dang do we look good 10 years later! Happy Anniversary bae!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Boys' Birthday Bash

Both my boys have a birthday in the summer and I normally make ONE party to celebrate both. I do this for 2 main reasons:
Mama is tired
Mama's wallet can't handle it

So without further excuse-making, I hope you enjoy the photos! If you came to the boys party--thank you!
We went for the easy ninja party. It's always so hard to please both of them on one common thing (if you're a mom of more than 1 kid, you will understand). So red, white and black it was and I actually did as least as possible and the boys still had a great time!
My mom and my aunt were freakin super stars always helping me in the kitchen! Thank you both, I love your beautiful faces!
If you notice, I made the boys take ninja pictures for some cool decorations and to dress up their piñata! Jonah makes the best faces...  
 After playing around and eating some hot dogs, we were ready to bust open the piñata. I bought a cheap one from the Mexican store and tore off the Paw Patrol front. I then printed a large picture (tiled it in the printer settings) of their ninja poses and stapled it on there. I could have dressed it up a bit more but ehhh... 
I thought it was pretty clever and simple...My kids are weird, though.

This kid...
As soon as the piñata was busted, everyone filled their goody bags and then we came inside to eat some cake! 
As if the boys could not total opposites, they requested vanilla & chocolate. 
And it never fails that Andrew is done with his food before I even get a chance to snap a pic or sit down to eat my own meal...
They enjoyed the company of their schoolmates for sure! They always get upset that their birthday party is never when school is in session so this was a treat! Thank you again to all who came.