Monday, May 22, 2017

An Update on our Paper Goods Store 📝

Hi guys!!! Just wanted to do a quick post about the shop. We had a spring line debut in March and a pop-shop market at the beach in April. We're getting new artwork for the summer listed this week! 
And if you can tell, we've changed our name a little bit. We are Shop Witty Co. 
Not a huge change but we're revamped our logo a little bit because of this. Rest assured we are still the same paper goods shop you know and support.
We've also got a discount code for May to save 20% on your purchase: SHOPMAY. So if you've been thinking about supporting handmade, now is a good time! 
And again, please be sure to spread the word around about our paper products and designs. We would love to keep growing and I know we will, with your help! 
As always, check out our Etsy store HERE.
By the way, is in the works which is another growth for us! 
Be friendly and leave us a note of encouragement or maybe we can get together and have some coffee?
After all, we are self-starting and completely blessed, only through God's grace!

Friday, May 19, 2017

10 on Friday

I thought I'd do a quickie post with 10 pictures from this week just to document how it went. This is the last week before the boys get out of school so it's a bit hectic trying to keep up with everything...

1. Little Turkey Princess fell asleep on the couch with her top bun and it was just the cutest. There were blankets all around her but she decided that her daddy's shirt was best.
2. If you follow me on Snapchat, you will get almost daily updates of my lunch---which is salad. My garden has been producing fabulously fast (faster than I can eat!) lettuce. Our strawberries are small but juicy (if you can find one to eat before the worms do!) and the tomatoes and peppers are coming along faithfully. Maybe I should do another garden post....I love my garden :) 
3. I got a call from the nurse saying Andrew's head was bleeding and see the aftermath.
4 & 5. At church this week as the boys received their awards for AWANA (scripture memorization) 
6. He rarely sits still and I rarely have my camera outside anymore. But this shot was fate when the pool water was too cold and he wanted to warm up in the sun.
7 & 8. My role as a mother is complete now. His life is fulfilled and memories are made. His body is being nourished by harvesting and eating one single organic carrot and enjoying it outside --- YESS!
Of course he had to prep it before eating it.... ha!
9 & 10. Since I've been taking a lot of photos of my products for my shop, I felt I needed to document (correctly, of course) the awesome seed bombs we made for Mother's Day. My mom and my sister sat with me for a while and we talked while our hands stayed busy mashing paper pulp into muffin pans in hope of growing some flowers in the future. 
Amidst all of the events, our evenings have been quite fabulous too. We've stayed up late, went out together as a family to the playground, and have eaten some good meals (and ice cream, too!) These summer nights will soon come upon us where boredom, Netflix, dinners, metabolisms, naked booties, and hairstyles will run rampant. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

🐣 Easter 2017

We're almost to Mother's Day and here I am, posting about our Easter happenings. Well, you know how it goes! Always late, never on the ball, just barely have a grasp on my sanity! 
Here's what you get...a plethora of our almost 2-week Easter endeavors which almost pooped us out because everyday it seemed was an egg-hunting event! 
But first, decorations!
Elena did amazing threading the hemp cord through the bunnies. She also made some Easter crafts at our local library. We always love having parties there... 
We did our second egg-hunt at our local park where red prized tickets and ACTUAL cash were inserted into the eggs. We also found hard boiled eggs which we stayed away from.
The kids made some cold hard cash that day and got high on sugar. Check out that creepy bunny tho 😨
For about an entire 6 weeks, I had the pleasure of hearing the question asked many times, "When are we going to dye our Easter eggs, mom?"
I made the mistake of buying these things early, knowing full well the week of Easter, only the crappy ones would be left. But in return, I had to endlessly answer that question with, "Until Easter. Now stop asking!"
But it didn't work. They just kept asking. 
Finally, IT. WAS. TIME. 
And OH my.....THE MESS. 
The mess! 
UGH. The mess. Mess level 100% Happiness level 100%
Worth it? Ehhh...I'm glad it's only once a year. 
Our third egg-hunt was in a nearby town where they had a festival sponsored through a local church. Face painting, temp tats, bouncy house, playground, games, free food and music, as well as an egg-hunt? Yeah, you can't beat that if you have kids.  

And then of course when we went to Moomie's house, we had to hunt 'cascarones'. Leo was there, too! I included Play-Doh and bath fizzies for the babies. The older boys got going on their egg smashing mercilessly upon their victims. 
Somehow, eggs were hidden way up high (most likely by tall people) but then the tall people had to bend down to get some confetti cracked on their heads. Talk about irony.
You think we big kids didn't get some retaliation? THERE'S NO MERCY! 
And of course, little boys started whining and crying over stealing each other's cascarones.
Everybody in for a family pic! 
During our Easter service, our church set up various photo ops throughout the church. I loved this one the best. 
The indoor ones were very dark and grainy.
And since we were all dressed up so nicely, of course I made Gary stop to take a picture of my babies. 
Let's not forget though, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season! 🙌✝️
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We hope you all had a great Easter! I'm SO glad we're onto May now...
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