Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goober Moments

Here are some pictures that I've taken this past month...just wanted to share.

Dawna with Andrew before my baby shower on the 16th...she's such a great aunt and babysitter!!!

caught him sitting in his blue chair reading his book

he loves this plastic headband that I have...he puts it on his head, over his eyes, on his waist, anywhere he can think of

being a goober with Daddy

Daddy being a goober for the camera (he's trying to pose like Andrew, Andrew's mesmerized by the TV)

my gorgeous 22 month old...

vacuum attachments as weapons - watch out!

ouch...sometimes he hurts himself without the intention

this is him
getting ready to go outside
I asked him where his diaper and his pants were...

LISTO, vamonos pa' fuera!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


...i just need to keep telling myself this....

...cause no one else will...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Shower wonderfulness...

Finally at 33 weeks I get a baby shower for my little girl!!!
Erika from the AbileneMoms website asked me about 3 weeks ago if she could throw me a shower, and I was hesitant at first because I'm so far away from everyone, I knew there wouldn't be a lot of people to shower me with gifts for this bundle of ninja joy...
....but I said yeah! sure! why not? What's the worst that could happen?
Well, the shower was, beyond my imagination, a hit. I know people nowadays don't attend showers, and just send their presents and regards and honestly, I think the fad is dying out! 
Everything at this shower was so amazing, from the games that Erika had, to the paper booties she handmade, to the balloons to keep the kiddos entertained...everything was way above my expectations for sure.

Erika and I

Pretzels made by Erika and I made the cookies! 

I told her that I wanted to make the cookies, I've always seen and wanted the onesie cookies...


The paper made booties, 1,390 skittles in a baby bottle, and my surprise diaper cake!

My family: Mom, Dawna, Wita and Natalie

Made it from Dublin, TX

My Aunt-in-Law, Geri and Great-Aunt-in-Law, Grace
They made it from Goldthwaite, TX

My shower corsage and my MIL: Elita!!!

again with Erika, we rocked in purple!

Diaper basketball was fun

I think here I was getting measure in toilet paper squares...

Opening presents time!

Erika and Jolene, from the AM group. They're two awesome ladies!

I am missing pictures of my Great-Aunt-in-Law, Willa Dean who took half these pictures... =(
(the other half was taken by my mom)

To all who couldn't make it - ENJOY!

Friday, May 14, 2010

YEESSS!!! Gymnastics!

Well, another playdate today. This one, I was SUPER excited about.
I think it had to do with the fact that when I was 6 or so, my mom made us take gymnastics. I remember wearing my pink leotard with panties underneath and having a complete blast jumping and bouncing and running...I think I feel a connection to it because my mom used to be a gymnast. I'm pretty sure the only reason why she never enrolled us more was because of money and I'm sure if she would have had it, we would have been more involved. To this day, those gymnastic classes REALLY have been my most memorable "activity" that we Sandoval kids were ever enrolled in...there was dance, but that was gay...then softball, and that was a flop (we're not all). 
All I really knew was that Andrew would have a blast because he loves to ram and fall into things...not to mention bounce and do other funny stuff....

BUUUTTTTT....There I go again, leaving my camera behind!!! *grumbles*
So frustrating to get there and remember that you completely meant to stick the camera in your purse, only to find out that it's been forgotten...

So I present to you, the CRAPPIEST, MOST BLURRY pictures I've ever taken and I am VERY ashamed of them - but that won't keep me from posting them!!! HA!

So cross your eyes and use a little imagination and check out what this 'escuincle' did all morning...

Andrew is not in here...but I wanted to show the massiveness of this foam pit.
I made the mistake of putting Andrew in it, and then getting in myself at 8 months pregnant and there is no little ladder, or stairs to crawl out my embarrassment came when I had to ask a dad to help me out. 
It was awkward and again, embarrassing.
Never again will I do that while pregnant...even if my child is stuck in the middle, he can fend for himself.

they had two slides going into the foam pit and at first, Andrew wasn't too sure about going down...he finally decided to go down once on his belly. The next few times I helped him by holding his hand and sliding down on his hiney =)

he'd try to reach the foam blocks...

...just to throw them back in

pretending to jump off like the older kids were...

at the edge of the foam pit

they had an elastic was so neat!

bounce, bounce, bounce, get knocked down, get back up, bounce, bounce, bounce

he was trying not to hit his head on the beams ;)

and there he goes...

OH WOW...another slide...

again sliding on his belly...

about the only pics that don't have too much blur on them...

he absolutely LOVED the bars and stayed a while at 'em

checking out the hardware, I guess...

the trampolines

...huge blur

That's it for the gymnastics playdate pictures...we had fun. I'm trying to see if it's worth signing him up for a Mom and Tot gymnastic session once a much it involves the mothers? I'm not sure...I know that today was a workout for me (not hard, but fun) and was really sweaty at the end {eww}
Yes, you all needed to know that...


Here's some non-blurry pictures of Andrew playing in the sun and water this week:

The last pic is my favorite one - I can't resist those bunnies!!!