Friday, August 12, 2016

the 8 year old

Andrew's birthday was this past weekend. This year I made sure to make the boys easy and simple birthday celebrations. When Andrew awoke that morning, he was greeted with a Pikachu & a tin box of his beloved Yu-Gi-Oh dueling cards. He can't decide what he likes best, so it was just a stew of all his favorite things. 
Looking at him nowadays, it's just baffling that I have an 8 year old. I don't know how we got to this place. I've seen him mature quite nicely into his own self & am really proud of his accomplishments. But he is still that quirky weirdo we laugh at and love. 

His Nana & Papa came to celebrate him. After we sang happy birthday & opened gifts, we ate breakfast and headed to Moody Gardens Galveston.
We basically went and spent most of the day at the water park. It is quite small but these kids don't care. They love any water action and turned into happy sunburned fishes. 
After a while, Gary, me and Andrew went to the ziplines! Andrew wasn't afraid one bit...he just climbed those stairs, didn't even hesitate. We were so proud. 

Before leaving Moody Gardens, we stopped at the theater to watch Great White Sharks movie in 3D IMAX. 
While we walked around the grounds, we came upon the tornado tunnel. Normally I wouldn't let the kids do it, but I happened to have a couple of bucks in my purse and why not?
It. was. hilarious. 
The boys each got some red cheeks and smiling faces and we were ready to head home. 
Can you tell my kids became grumpy butts right after the movie? Yeah, they were tired. 
We love you, Bubs. 
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