Friday, August 24, 2012

outside on the concrete

As our summer ends, we have to get used to a new schedule, new routine, new habits...
We now have a cat. She's amazing horribly awesome.
Andrew starts Pre-K at home. With me. Wish me luck.
New school for the hub. New campus. New co-workers.
{Lord, please let this transition be a happy one & beneficial for him!}
And we will have a successful football team that the hub will be a part of.
Closer and further apart from family. We shall survive!!!

Prim is a goodbad, cat...She can be sweet, but she can also be a little turd.
She'll lick and cuddle with you and then attack you with her sharp little teeth and claws in a matter of seconds. She's lethal and cute. Perfect combination. Jonah loves it, as you can see. 

Houston is awfully sunny. And rainy. And muggy. 
We just get used to the conditions and use cloudy days and shade to our advantage. 
My mother drove 5 hours just to come visit us---she seldom does that---and I was uber grateful.
The kids had a blast because they actually had somewhere to ride their ripstick, you hardly have any concrete living in the coutnry...My kids were in heaven just because they were here. 
We have this rock {who knows where it came from}and it's a perfect shape for Jonah to kick...
I think he thought it was a soccer ball...
...and we busted out the rollerskates too...
This is Dawna, the babysitter.
Jonah got a lot of Moomie lovin'
and when Daddy came home from work, he got out his toy too. 
We had plenty of pink lemonade breaks.
And cheesy grins with lightsaber swords
I hope this new school year will be a great one. I hope that we learn this area and reap of its benefits like playdates, gymnastics, swimming, parks, library and all that good stuff a community should provide.
I just wish I could find my little niche in the art community.... 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prim stories & school

The other day we watched The Hunger Games and the name Prim sounded so familiar....
Oh yeah! I named my cat after their character. 
That whole terrible week of not having my kids here (they were at both of our parents' house), I didn't have anybody to photograph. 
So I photographed Prim. 
In the summer, our water here in Texas is never's always lukewarm. 
So I make sure to cool down her water too--with ice cubes.
She likes to play with them.
Needless to say, she hated bathtime. But it had to be done. 
Still doing some arranging in the new home. 
We finally got a new shelf. Thank you Ikea and your affordable options.
 I love my curtains. 
And almost ready to begin Pre-K with Andrew.
I think I underestimate him a lot. Is that a bad thing? Maybe underestimate is the wrong word. 
Surprise. He surprises me with his intelligence quite often. 
He's so dang smart, it's his stubbornness that irks me. 
I wonder where he got that from....?
I made a shelf for the boys for their school/craft/drawing time. 
There's paper, chalk, playdough, flashcards, games, sensory bin, pencils, markers, colors, stickers, coloring books, paint, you name it. 
Now that school is starting, I hope to dedicate a couple of hours in the morning to 'school' and try a couple of Montessori techniques with the boys. Then in the afternoon, I can dedicate a couple of hours for arts and crafts {mainly for me!!!}....but we'll see how that goes. 
Motivation. Dedication. Stick-to-it-ness. 
Wish me luck. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...missing them....

The kids have been gone almost a week, and I've been nuts with boredom.
I honestly never thought I'd be bored. So much to do, after all, there is still unpacked boxes. 
In all honestly, I really haven't been bored...JUST LAZY.
But, I've really missed them. 
Jonah's pouty lips and sharp little teeth.
Andrew's rocketship hair and blue eyes.
Their goofy selves.
Things I don't miss: tantrums, feeding schedule, & cleaning after them.
I guess it is all part of a package, which I'll take.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Boys 4th & 2nd Bday Photo-BLOW-Out

This was the boys {small} party invite.
I wish I could have printed it out, but it really wasn't necessary since it was just family.
We had fun, the kids had fun, the boys were up to their necks in Super Hero stuff.
Andrew doing his robot for everybody
Cheesy grins all around!
Super Jackie and Wonder Betsy
Nana & Birthday Boy
Spider-Papa and Super Nana!
The Green Lantern, Laziest Flash, & Bat Moomie
Everyone rocked their super hero getups.
Marshmellows dipped in chocolate ROCK!
...and yes, I made the cake.
Kids just waitin' their turn
I made Jonah's piƱata out of a balloon, engrudo {flour & water paste} and newspapers. 
I made it super thin so that he would be able to break it.
And now it was Batman's turn to be beaten to death.
Dale, dale, DALE!
He only wishes....
Even the old folks got up to beat him up.
Tia Betsy's dream came true, she made out with Batman. 
Half-Batman, Half-Spiderman
We went inside to eat cake and open up gifts.
{too noisy for Andrew}
He LOVES licking icing. 
Andrew thought I needed some cake too.
Sister love <3 p="p">
Ready to open gifts --- NOW. 
And then Batman joined us! 
"Ow, Daaaaad."
And now, an IRONMAN!
Moomie helping open presents.
Getting down and dirty with some Batman crafts
Best. Nerf. Gun. Shooter. EVER.
Completely wiped OUT.