Wednesday, April 28, 2010

this week...

This sums it all up....

been feeling under the weather lately so this made me laugh when I checked my email...
thought I'd share it with you.

going strong: week 31, here I come.

Friday, April 16, 2010

29 weeks...29 semanas

So here I am, 29 weeks de panzona (pregnant). I have to say that I am REALLY REALLY proud of myself for not gaining extra weight during this pregnancy. UBER-ly proud. What boggles my mind is that I'm not trying hard to maintain my weight, this little bundle of joy is doing it all for me!
I am finally in my third trimester, and I know that I have fear in my heart from what is to come and I need to learn to overcome that quickly and have peace of mind so that I have an easier and faster delivery.
My midwife, Betsy, is optimistic that that will happen, but I'm a pessimist, so I beg to differ.
These pictures are from Hawley, TX (north abilene) next to a cemetery. We went on Wednesday when it was overcast and it wasn't hot, so it felt nice.

Andrew loves to be Nature's Bully. He will pick ANY flower and  destroy it. 
The ants in our backyard are terrified of him too. 

Had to get a picture of Gary and I. It seems that now all I take pictures of is Andrew...and I like it that way. 
I'd rather have my round face, small lips, fat cheeks and big forehead hidden from the rest of the world.
We have two rose bushes out front - no idea who planted them - but I love the fact that we have shrubs,  plants and trees around us. It's beautiful now that everything is green...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hawley May Farm playdate!

We had the opportunity at another playdate from and this time it was at a 'petting' farm called May Farms 14 miles north of Abilene. I'm not sure if this is all they do here, but they had just about ANY animal to pet and see. 
The weather was perfect, about 68 degrees, no sun but warm enough. There were SOOO many people there, it obviously was a big hit!
The ONE thing that I was not expecting was my little man behaving like a wild child running everywhere! I lost sight of him a couple of times, he began throwing dirt, went behind restricted areas, and he was just being a dirty, playful  BOY. I don't know how parents of two handled that playdate...I would have needed help.

Oh, and my camera ended up dying on the trailer ride and the last few pictures are with my camera phone. =(

Running as fast as he can to see all the animals

First stop, buffalo

ALL her animals had names...she remembers them all. This is like my mom's dairy where all the cows, bulls, cats, dogs, pigs, everything but the frogs, have names...ha!

Miss Brenda, owner of May Farms in Hawley, TX. She was so nice! 
She was so petite. She might be small BUT capable to run her farm!

We had access to all the pellets that we wanted. 
Grab a cup, feed the animals, cup is empty? Go get some more!
The kids enjoyed feeding these animals, they were gluttons and acted as if they never get fed (the animals, not the kids, lol)!

Emmit the Emu. We had to feed him out of the cup, not our hands.
I was petrified of this guy...luckily he seemed like he'd had enough with visitors.

Bunny rabbits!
Andrew didn't know what the heck to do with them...he was uncomfortable at something on his lap and wanted it gone...

Daisy the Pig. She was so beautiful and squealed so funny!

Andrew loved feeding the animals, except for the horses. They had HUGE mouths.

Goats were his favorite because they has small, soft lips.

I think he's feeding a sheep.

Finally got smart and fed them all from his cup, instead of one-by-one...

...then he threw the pellets in the ground for Sheep vs. Goat take-down!!!

This is Cleopatra...a tortoise

Meet her boyfriend, King Tut.

King Tut was taken out of his holding pin so all the kids could look at him, touch him, and see him eat his garden salad. 

Andrew was fascinated by the wagon too...

Dogs galore!
I, personally am not a dog person, but Andrew LOVES dogs. He kept throwing the ball for this fella to fetch.

Petting the nice puppy
...even though he was bigger than Andrew.

Funky roosters!
Roosters were EVERYWHERE but they were well-behaved so we weren't in any danger... 
They even had a turkey-duck looking thing that was scary looking...and attacked, so he was in the restricted area.

Getting ready for the trailer ride around the field.

A note on his hair: I had it hair-sprayed back to make it go with his biker t-shirt...but he messed with it and it just fluffed upwards.... =(
I thought it looked cool, I even got complimented on say what you will, I like it!

Swinging on the horsey. They had a real horse to ride on, but the line was sooo long at all times that it would have been impossible to hold our line...I say that because this little dude was EVERYWHERE at 100 mph at ALL times. Wore me out!

These are Beef-alo. Cross between full buffalo and regular cows (bulls).
Never seen them before so this was interesting.

Mini-sized bench that was so gorgeous! 
I'm glad he actually posed for me! He's such a good model!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Special Aunt...

Ever since I was born, I've had aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, great aunts and well, you get the picture.
But there is ONE special aunt in my life that when I see her, my face lights up and I instantly get giddy.
Her name is Dawna. Tia Dawna for short.
She loves to be a goober with me.
She plays with me.

She makes me laugh. 

She holds me.

She takes care of me.
She sleeps with me.
She loves me. I love her.