Wednesday, November 4, 2015

football season = a widow once more

(last year's post here)
once again guys, football is here and thankfully almost over. this is where in august/september/october/ and part of november i become a widow. boohoo me...yeah you've heard it before. 
but let me tell you, i am not perfect and while days are hard without your husband, things could be worse. 
i've screamed at the kids more this time around (hey, i'm reeaaallly outnumbered here + they're loud!) and that makes me feel like crap. but i've also had a really good time with our extra curricular activities much more so than past years (like our new boy scout and our love for our playground) so there's a fine balance, at least i'd like to think there is.
and as long as the kids are still alive, healthy, still smiling i'd say i'm rocking it in the mom department. 
but back to football. this year is my husband's first year coaching an "A" team. they're pretty much undefeated and it is all because my husband is really good at his job....and because he enjoys it. 
and really, that's all i want. for him to enjoy it. for him to still love going to work. 
this year, to show my support for his team, i made Elena a new little dress from an eagles tee. just winged it, you know? and i really wanted to make 2, but i was being overzealous there....
i was pleased with how cute it turned out! honestly, i just wanted to have a unique little dress for her while we're at games that wasn't a cheerleading outfit. 
one friday night, the boys were invited to come on the field for elementary night. they ran across the field after the players did and had a blast. they are always begging to get on the field.
jonah made a banner for his class and wrote his name on an eagle.
and there they are trailing behind! can you spot those two little boys?
but i'm going to go ahead and 'fess up a little secret: i'm no football watcher. sure i watch some plays and you'd think after 13 years of being with a football-lovin man, i'd learn a few things but honestly i am just clueless. 
i don't football watch. i people watch. and kid watch. and phone watch... :) and when the fans go crazy, i make sure to join in. 
other nights, the boredom sets in as the games can get a bit long for kids (they don't football watch either). i goof off with them and i let them run around wild by the concession stand as long as they follow my rules...
i'd have to say that it's hard to keep this little girl entertained. the best best part about football games though? when their cousins come to "watch" the game too. 
so that's been our friday nights lately, folks. and tuesday nights when husband's team plays. it's been arduous, close to burning out, but it's been a good season.
and i am thankful.
how do you spend football season? love it? hate it? don't care about it?
thank you for reading along and hope you have a wonderful hump day!
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