Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Lookin' Trio

I love capturing moments when all of us are together.

I love more that after I import my pics in Picasa, I get to see close-up the goofy faces they make:

Andrew was saying cheese, Gary forever looks like there's sun in his eyes, and Jonah was just plain confused. 

I love it when Andrew cooperates in giving Jonah a 'beso'
I DON'T love it when my finger misses the shutter button to capture it.

The Witty Men

Friday, March 25, 2011

a toofie and a freckle

Soooo now I know why you were sooo fussy all of spring break.

Your naps changed.

Your poop changed.

Your attitude changed.

You changed. 

WHY? You were perfect the way you were, but I guess it was inevitable. 

You gotta grow up and this is part of it.

Jonah's 2nd toof. I mean tooth.

We talk a lot of baby talk around here. 

There it is! In all its barely-protruding glory...

Second tooth, you were a pain in the butt.

With Andrew I never knew they were coming in because he never acted differently (he was just a hard baby all around), they didn't take forever to grow out all the way and he didn't slobber half as much as Jonah does.  

Now, since we've been spending a few days outdoors and our glorious genes that were assuredly handed down to us, I have discovered an adorable freckle on Jonah's left arm.

You can see it in this picture below...

Where in the sam hill is it, right?

Yeah, it's there....take a closer look:

I guarantee you it won't be his last...

Andrew already has tons on his cheeks and nose, and they are absolutely charming.

see here...

what? you can't see them?


So there...

....we're a short, big-head, hairy, and freckly family...

and I love it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first canvas print

Remember this post??

I finally had an opportunity to do something with the picture.

I got a free canvas wrap by the Canvas People.

You know those super expensive ones? Uh huh...

Well, I only had to pay for shipping. {{giggles}}

Annnddd I went ahead and bought my mommy one too. 

Here it is: 

When I opened it up, I thought. MY!!! This is teeny weeny! It's an 8x10 and its retail price is $50...

YIKES, right?

I guess it looked tiny because the lack of a frame.

So glad I got it for free - the shipping.

And here's Andrew showing it off! HA!

say CHEESE!!!

time to BLOG!

This was one of our family afternoons...


I mean my po' boy was bored to death!

Not even a silly face made him feel happy!!!

So we headed to Sonic where Andrew always yells out "I wanna go play!!!" when we drive by it. 


Because it's the only Sonic in the nation that has batting cages, a sand volleyball court, and a sand play area for kiddos...it's been featured on the Traveling Channel too!

It's his favorite place I tell ya. 

Instantly, he knew he was about to get some playtime when we pulled in.

Gary & Jonah just chilled for a while...and I was crazy snapping some pictures, 'cause you know, it's my favorite thing to do...

...and Andrew took his shoes off in 1.2 seconds and negligently left them there

"There goes my brother..." says Jonah

Annndddd awwwwaaaaayyyyy we go!



We won't forget about Jonah. He's old enough to have fun too.

He's a ham.

He's a poser.

He's a smiler. And he makes my heart melt. 
Every. Single. Time.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hungry Jonah Bear

This is Jonah.
He likes to roll around on the floor.
And sleep...
And eat fake ice cream cones as well as real ones...
And Cheeto Puffs...
He likes those best.
He scarfs one Cheeto down in 30 seconds....
Annnnddddd...he's pretty messy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bike Riding Momma...

...yeah right!!

Coach Witty has been mingling with the hip crowd lately, the bike riders.

He seems to enjoy it....he wears those silly shorts and silly shoes.

He was about to head out and asked me if I wanted to ride the bike.

I said "Whhaaaat???" Not because I didn't hear him.

But because I haven't been on a bike since I was 10  or 14

So he pulled it out, adjusted the seat and told me to put his shoes on.

They're the special kind with the latch on the bottom to where your foot is stuck on the pedal.

He wanted me to put them on 1. because there really are no pedals, just stubs where the shoes hook on and 2. because he wanted to see if I would fall over like so many unexperienced  bikers do.

You fall over because you can't unlatch your foot quick enough when you're stopped on the bike.

So I got on. 

And there I go...down our road.

Successful little 20 second ride, I'd say.

These shoes were about 3 sizes too big and felt awkward.

Needless to say, I did not fall and I'm alright :)

That was fun!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finding a slimy thing...

Jonah's discovered something...
He's loves to play with it everyday now
He loves to stick it out and back in
He loves to grab it.
He loves to talk to it...and talk with it.

I love catching him in the act ;)
Remember to click on the picture to view full size...

Brotherly. Love. Pt. II


never mind that it scared the crap out of Jonah, hence the two-handed grip on the basket, but it was fun {and tiring} for Andrew as well....

Ahhhhh, now I can sigh a huge relief that Andrew actually likes to do things to Jonah.

Which to me is a huge sign of Big Brother-ness. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

natural light...

I love it.

I love to open my windows and not have to flip that switch. 

I love the feeling that it gives me when I enter my room.

I love the natural light that comes in which means I don't have to use my flash.

I love to capture blurry action moments with Andrew...

well, that's kinda a lie.

I love crisp and clear, but with Andrew--nah!!!

Happy hump day everyone!!!