Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly happenings

After our West Elm appearance a couple of weekends ago, I made Gary turn the car around so I could go into Central Market and buy the biggest bouquet of ranunculus, also known as 'buttercups', that I've ever seen. Super fact: did you know they're poisonous too? I've searched for this flower for all month long here in my area (insert drama), but I've had no luck. 
I'm not sure how this flower grew into popularity within the IG (Instagram) community, but it's easy to see why...just check out their radiating colors and beauty! I have been bringing fresh succulents and flowers into the house since the beginning of the month and I love it. Gary asks "why?" (emphasis on the bold) or rolls his eyes when I tell him to stop at a garden center. But he just doesn't understand...all I can reply is that they make me happy. Isn't that enough of a reason? ...and I'm totally okay with buying my own flowers, by the way. However, he does good sometimes - he bought me tulips for Elena's birth (which I forgot to post on here) so we we will see what I get for my birfday (which is almost coming up hint hint). Calla lillies? hmmm. 
They are gorgeous photo props too.
....and oh my gosh guys! the azalea's are amazing this year! everywhere I drive around I see a pop of hot pink and it's those gorgeous azalea's I never knew were so abundant! I had to make a stop by our neighborhood because the bush was huge! (insert a snicker in there for immaturity). No, seriously, it was the size of a large truck.
After coming home after Elena's birth with half of my plants dead (a certain husband doesn't grasp the idea of living things needing water, just ask the cats and his children) I have been in Spring-Misery as of late. I got some new succulents, new ivy, new 'pretties' (because I really don't remember their names) and I'm starting that obsession again (you know, the one where I went crazy with blogging about my plants?) I've re-potted almost everything and I can't wait to visit nearby nurseries to see who will come live with me next. 
Meanwhile, things are going okay at home. This whole balancing act wears me out most days. This perfectly describes me nowadays... 
It's ridiculous! I am a scary Mom. There. I said it. But how can I lose my temper at such a beautiful creature like this?
I will take her crying and attention monger-ness during the day as long as she sleeps through the night...
And you know what I like best? The changing of the seasons! Lately, it's been taking care of boo-boo's and telling my boys to toughen up when they're outside playing with neighbor kids. "Quit your cryin'!!!" I yell, and send them right back outside to play their little hearts out. Scraped knees = Summer. FYI.
Jonah has been craving a lot of attention lately, too. So we spend some time together doing his school and reading books. Although I wish there was a playground nearby for easy energy-releases.
Let's face it: the highlight of our day is when Andrew and Daddy come home. Jonah loves that he can play outside with his brother and I love when Daddy takes Elena so I can have both my hands and boobs to myself at least for a little bit...
The boys have loved getting a snack after school in a cupcake tray (a sweet idea from fellow mama blogger Brooke). I will give them fruits, veggies, cheese, crackers, good ol' PB and some chocolate chips. And they love it. 
Now that 'open-gym' has started at Gary's school, I can finally go and workout with my hubby. In another life, he was a personal trainer, so he really knows what he's doing...I need to get rid of this flab! Elena lets us workout sometimes. I let her brothers babysit her, but they don't really like that and see it as a form of punishment. Insert evil mommy laugh here.
The boys are turning into boys. They are filthy, disgusting, loud, dirty, at times rude + inappropriate, and just plain loud. Did I already say that? Holy moly, it feels like I cannot keep up with how fast they are growing. Not to mention that hair...
The joke between them is who can sneak in a kiss on the other...apparently Jonah won that game here. 
And we all say eeeewwwww! 
So, I know you're wondering how on earth I do it all? well, let me let you in a little secret...I wear my baby! If it wasn't for this sling, I wouldn't be able to cook our dinners. Put the boys socks correctly. Attend the pop-up show at West Elm. Grocery shopping. etc. etc. etc. Seriously, I have my hands free and I hear about 2 million 'aww's' and 'is that a baby in there?' and 'look at that baby!' every. time. I go out in public. 
This one is getting a bit snug (no stretchy). It is from when my first was born and Target was selling them. But I'm looking at the Moby wrap next. The one below is a 'rebozo' that my brother brought back for me from Mexico. The village people wear their grown kids on their back with these things...I'm hoping to do the same. I love the colors and how sweet she looks in them.
Do you guys baby wear? Which wrap do you have and do you like it?

I will have an upcoming post on her car seat re-do and a West Elm recap in a few days :)  
Have a happy hump day everyone!