Thursday, July 29, 2010

Updated pics

So Jonah is using his hand-me-down, garage sale find swing that his brother Andrew NEVER liked...
and guess who wants to swing in it now???

Jonas tiene un columpio de un garage sale que Andres nunca le gusto...
y adivina a quien le gusta ahora?

...Andrew does
...pues a Andres!

My baby likes to sleep...and think while sleeping, apparently
a mi nene le gusta pensar mientras que duerme

Papa and Nana came to visit to help us fix some things around this place
and guess what?! someone actually likes his Nana!!!
Papa y Nana nos visitaron y a alguien porfin le cayo bien a su Nana - felicidades!

Love this face!
me encanta esa cara---se parece a su Abueluis

Why is he always avoiding Jonah!?
Ohhh, cause he stole his Mommy!!!
Porque siempre ignora a Jonas?
Ahh si, porque le robo a su mama! jaja!

TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agarrate esos guantes....a'monos!!!

almost everytime he kicks someone, he says "heeeyaaa"
siempre que da sus patadillas, dice "iiiyaaaa"

oh and Daddy gets in a punch!
y Gary le da golpe!

One main thing I've learned in being a mother is that ANYTHING you do, they will do it too. 

So one day I stuck an apple sticker to his forehead

and as I do, so did he...

Una cosa que he aprendido de ser mama, es que TODO lo que yo hago, ellos lo haran tambien.

Asi es que un dia, le pegue una estampilla de la manzana a la frentona

y como yo hice, el tambien lo hizo...

Love that boy!
Ah como lo quero mucho a este niño!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adjusting to Jonah

I love my baby Jonah

he loves me too...

Some sibling neglect below:
negligencia fraternal abajo:

both facing away from each other
se voltean y se ignoran

they must not like each other too much...
quizas no se caen bien

he seems long...
parece que es largo...

daddy and Jonah

he makes the funniest faces!
hace unas caras chistosillas!

friends, Erika with daughter Marissa, came to visit!

weekend with Moomie and tio James

perfect peach-fuzz head
Cabeza de cocoliso perfecta!!!

Quick Comparison
una comparación rápidin

What do you think???
Que piensas??

Jonah had his arm wrapped up in an ace bandage for almost 3 whole weeks. 
Today we went to the orthopedist, waited an 1 hour to see him, and finally saw that his bone is healing through x-rays. 
Yesterday you could CLEARLY tell that he was ready for that thing to come off, because he would not keep his arm still inside the bandage...and today as well.
Got it taken off and now he's as free as a bird moving his little "wing"

Jonas tenia su benda por casi tres semanas enteras.
Hoy fuimos al ortopedista, esperamos una hora para verlo, y porfin vimos que en las radiografias se ve el nuevo hueso creciendo bien y fuerte.
Ayer tambien nos dimos cuenta que Jonas ya no queria la benda porque su brazo no se quedaba quieto y andaba sacandolo y moviendolo.
Hoy le quitaron la benda y tiene su brazito LIBRE!!!

this was how we would wash him off with his bandage...
asi es como lo "bañabamos" con la benda

and today....Jonah LOVED his
y hoy, le encanto su baño de a deveras!!!



My little neglected stink-pot who's not adjusting well...
Mi pobre, descuidado escuincle, hijo de su....

I sure do love this turd-nugget...he cracks me up!
Como me hace reir!

Someone's about to turn 2!!!
Alguien va a cumplir ya los 2!!!

Gary's Aunt Betty sent us a package last week.
It was a box with a blanket for Jonah and a toy car for Andrew. 
Un carrito para Andres de la tia-abuela de Gary

It was Andrew's favorite toy for 5 minutes...
su juguete favorito por 5 minutos

Andrew loves to eat his Moomie's home-grown corn
Le gusta el elote

and LOVES to blow out the flame and say "OWW" when he touches it.
Le encanta decir "AUU" cuando toca la llama

he's a hoot!
que lindo chiripin!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Do you remember when Tyler Olivia was supposed to arrive July 1st?
Se acuerdan cuando Tyler Olivia supuestamente iba a llegar el 1ro de julio?

Well, instead we were blessed with a beautiful baby Jonah who was born July 4th at 10:50 am. 
He weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces.
 Labor was about 9 hours and everything was fine with the delivery, until his shoulder got stuck in my pelvis...
This caused him to be pulled out by force, and during the process his humerus broke. He was also not breathing and Betsy administered CPR quickly and finally got him to take small breaths.
He didn't cry.
Pues en vez, fuimos bendecidos con Jonas, un bebe bello que llego el 4to de julio a las 10:50 am. 
Peso casi 4 kilos y trabaje casi 9 horas para poder conocer a mi bebe. Todo parecia que iba bien cuando nacio, y luego su hombro se atoro en mi pelvis...
Esto fue causa para jalarlo a fuerzas y en el proceso, su brazo derecho se fracturo.
Tampoco estaba respirando y estaba bajo estres. Betsy le hizo RCP y logro que tomara aire y que respirara alfin. No lloro.

That's the short version of the 30 minute pushing ordeal...but I'll spare you and show you Jonah's pictures instead.
Esta es la version cortita de lo que paso, pero ya es tiempo de ensernarte a Jonas
minutes after the scary birth
minutos despues del nacimiento y sustos
scratches from the delivery on his face and a broken right arm
and no name yet
rasgunos en la cara y un brazo fracturado
y aun no tiene nombre

a little bit about what happened
un poquito de lo que paso

Since 911 was called because he wasn't breathing, paramedics were peeking in through our bedroom door in minutes. Betsy had already gotten him breathing, he was a 4 when he was born on his Apgar score. Paramedics listened to his heartbeat, we refused the ambulance and told them that we would take him to the emergency room for his broken arm.
Cuando el bebe no estaba respirando, llamamos a los paramedicos y en minutos estaban asomandose por nuestra puerta del cuarto. Betsy ya habia hecho RCP y el bebe estaba respirando.
Los paramedicos checaron el latido de corazon, y les dijimos que nosotros llevariamos al bebe al hospital para conseguir atencion medica para su brazo.
Shortly after the paramedics left the house, Betsy started the herb bath for me and baby and I tried to nurse him, but I felt horrible to hold him and maybe hurt his arm. Baby was so calm though.
I didn't know what was going outside while we were in the bath, I could hardly move. All I know is that Mom came in telling us that cops were here and they were concerned for the baby's arm and that we needed to take him to the emergency room ASAP. 
Despues de que los paramedicos se fueron, Betsy lleno la tina de hierbas para que me banara con el bebe. Trate de amamantar al bebe pero tenia tanto miedo de lastimarlo. Se portaba muy calmado.
No sabia lo que estaba pasando afuer mientras que estaba en la tina, casi no me podia mover. Martha, mi mama entro al bano y nos dijo que la policia estaba afuera y estaban en cuestion sobre el estado del bebe. Le dijeron a mi mama y a Gary que tenian que llevar al bebe de inmediato al hospital.
I felt like I had no control, I couldn't move and my baby had a broken arm and everything seemed to go wrong after this. My baby was taken to my room, cleaned up, dressed, and weighed. Mom and Gary were ready to go to the emergency room and the cops were still there trying to get us to take him in the ambulance.
Senti como que no tenia control. No me podia mover muy bien y mi bebe tenia un brazo quebradito, todo parecia que estaba llendo mal. El bebe fue llevado a mi cuarto y Betsy lo peso, lo secaron y lo vistieron. Martha y Gary lo estaban alistando para llevarlo al hospital cuando la policia seguia presionandonos para llevarlo YA en la ambulancia.
Officer, he was a special person.
So special, he wanted to take my husband off to jail for trying to take our baby, on our own terms to the hospital in our own car seat.
He pulled the "authority" card on him and made him put the baby in the ambulance.
Oficial Perkins....un hijo de su. 
Casi se llevaba a Gary al bote porque estaba tratando de llevar a su propio hijo en su propio vehiculo al hospital.
Finalmente le dijo a Gary que la ambulancia lo TENIA que llevar por causas de seguridad...

They took my baby from me. Se llevaron a mi bebe.

Jonah wasn't crying, he wasn't in any immediate danger and everything was being handled as best as possible under the circumstances. I needed to be taken care of as well...
Jonas no estaba llorando, no estaba en grave peligro, y todo estaba bajo control lo mejor posible que una situacion como esta lo podria estar. Yo tambien necesitaba atencion.
this is Daddy at the hospital's nursery
papa con Jonas en el hospital
they took x-rays of his arm and hooked him all up to these gadgets and poked and probed him like doctors do...
le sacaron radiografias de su brazo, lo conectaron a sus aparatos, le picaron, lo medieron, en fin, le hicieron todo lo que esos doctores les encantan hacer...
the pediatrician told us to stay for 48 hours
48 LONG hours when I know at least 24 of those could have been at home in a much more comfortable environment doing everything the nurses did ourselves
all we were told was to keep his arm bandaged against his body - no cast, no nothing. they stuck us in the stinky "family room"

el pediatra nos dijo que se tenia que quedar por 48 horas bajo observacion
de esas 48 horas, creo que 24 hubieran sido mejor en nuestra casa haciendo lo mismo lo que las enfermeras le hicieron al hicieron nada espectacular
el pediatra nos dijo que lo unico que podemos hacer es mantener el brazo bendado contra su pecho para que se mueva - sin yeso, sin nada...
...y nos metieron a un cuartillo apestoso llamado "cuarto familiar"
nana and aunt joanna came to see baby
abuela nana y su tia joanna visitaron
Jonah's life saver
el salvador de Jonas
moomie and Jonah
abuela moomie con Jonas
family meeting Jonah for the first time
familia conociendo a Jonas por primera vez
while gary, jonah and I were in the family room, and all my family that was visiting was at our home, they cleaned, cooked, and took care of Andrew and took care of everything. they were so wonderful!
they even packed up Tyler Olivia's clothes and brought Andrew's old clothes from Dublin so Jonah could have things to wear.
mientras gary y yo estabamos en el cuarto familiar, toda MI familia estaba en mi casa y me limpiaron toda la casa, lavaron mi ropa, cocinaron, y cuidaron a Andres...tengo una familia hermosa y bella quien nos ama de verdad!
tambien empacaron toda la ropa de Tyler y trajeron toda la ropa chiquita de Andres de Dublin para que Jonas tuviera ropita que usar
FINALLY going home -- where we belong
FINALMENTE nos vamos a casa -- donde pertenecemos
cacheton hermoso!!!
a little jaundiced, so we tannin' and lookin' cool with Daddy's oakley's
asoleandonos afuera con los Oakley's de papa
smirkin' sonriendo
whiney, only for a second. he really is a calm baby
llorando pero solo por un segundo...en realidad es un bebe muy calmado
weird hair swirls. he's a peach fuzz.
la linea de su cabello es algo rara
wonderful and beautifully-made feet
deditos hechos maravillosamente y bellos!!!
moomie changing a diaper, she loves to do that.
this was about the ONLY time that he ever threw a fit, changing his diaper.
a moomie le encanta cambiar panales
es la unica vez cuando hace berrinche...mi Jonas hermoso