Friday, April 26, 2013

simple moments: sun, ow-ies & toads

Jonah had a rough time at one of our workouts this week...Kids will be kids and act like puppies. They chase each other around with weight bands around their necks and then trip and fall and hit their cheeks on hard metal in the weight room. What? Yours never did that? What can I say? 
Our Witty heads weigh a lot...Have you seen my lop-sided forehead?!?!
So he got babied {quite much} and was given Skittles and Hot Wheels to take the pain away. It was really awful how he managed to fall and hit his face, so I felt it necessary to try to make him smile.
I love snapping pictures of his cute little lips. His gorgeous eyes and pudgy cheeks. 
Oh, JoJo, you melt my heart...
And Andrew. Oh Andrew, how we love you. He finally allowed me to snap some photographs of him.
I love the shadows and the light from our 5 o'clock living room window. I loved how he pretended to be 'asleep' while I took his pictures. I loved that he smiled and stayed still for half a second.
And  guess what I found in our back patio?
I wish I would have caught Jonah shrieking because the toad was jumping out of his 'bathtub' after I stopped filming. Yeah, Jonah requested we gave the poor toad a bath because he peed inside the container. 
ahhhh! I already have my prince charming, so no I didn't kiss the frog. It was mostly scaredy-cat-nerves of what he would do to me {tongue me?} But this guy was amazing! He was so calm. He didn't pee on me. Just himself. He remained so cool while Jonah blew on him to dry him off after his bath, and then Andrew came over and poked his eyeball--twice. He was so squishy and warm. 
We let him go at the request of the husband. Wish I could have kept him. He seemed like a cool toad.
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