Friday, May 20, 2016

an anniversary party & an accidental school reunion

Long time no see guys! amiright!? Well, I'm back (I hope), I won't even start to make excuses. Just blaaaahhh. 
Okay, but earlier in April, I visited home to spend a lovely weekend with my peoples. We had a lovely time putting together an anniversary party for my tia + tio (aunt + uncle) in a little town in good ol' central Texas. The morning of, we were tasked with picking wildflowers for the tables centerpieces. 
Don't mind if we do...!!!
So we jetted off to the backroads in search of preeeeetty flowers! 
Aren't they just absolutely gorgeous!? Free flowers, you guys! 
This was a surprise anniversary party, and everyone helped make it possible--my sister did the sign obvs, and Mom did the food & cake obvs, and then everyone just had a good time. 
I was also tasked with the photo booth props-- we themed it with the 80's! I actually didn't hand draw them this time. I ordered a file from etsy & printed them out. It was a bang job & everyone loved them--especially the kids!
This was a short weekend trip & I wished we could have spent more time with each other. Just glad my relatives got to see their daughter who flew in from AZ. We also relived a little bit of the past when all of us who used to attend a private school, saw each other again after a few years. 
If I'm being honest, those times, were the most miserable times I have ever had (teenage angst) But in retrospect, it's made me who I am today and I can't regret anything. It was awesome catching up with my past instructors, relatives and colleagues.
That's it, folks! Thank you for already forgiving me for not keeping up with the are just so good. 
Until next time!

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