Friday, April 25, 2014

just to torture them...

Been working hard on that mom thing, guys. As usual, I claim to have a ton of pictures but no time to edit and post them on here *sad face* I'll be back to normal in about...uh...2 years. 
I just wanted to record on here these small moments that happen when we get awesome light in the house and these two baldies just happen to sit next to each other...Elena is already living up to her little-annoying-sister rep. Ha! 
Oh Jonah, Jonah, Jonah. Little dude with that beautiful bald head and face. I love you, mi'jo. I love that you put up with my antics and are such a gorgeous little model for me. I love that you listen to me even when you don't like what I'm telling you. I love that you call me a mean mom. I love that you are such a grown-up in a little boy body. I love everything about you, dude. I know you'll be such a great big brother, even if you don't like it one bit. 
Have a great Friday, you guys!
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