Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the longest vacation series: Dublin

welcome to the last post of the
You made it! I am so glad my friend. But I am more glad, because I came out of this trip alive!!
All I remember is traveling, family, presents, full trunk. And not necessarily in that order. I said it once
and I'll say it again, I love this time of year and I'm thankful this only happens once a year. 

3rd City: Dublin. NO, not Ireland.
Christmas Eve was spent looking for a blasted action figure with no luck in the metroplex.
We hit up about 4 stores in hopes of finding THE POWER RANGERS SAMURAI:
 DELUXE MEGAZORD. What a name.
The trip took three times longer because obviously everyone has to be out and about doing the same as me.
More importantly, I was late for a family tradition we've kept about 6 or 7 years---TAMALE MAKIN'! 
I was so late, I got home just in time to finish the tamales de rajas.  

I got a chance to catch up with cousins. But I was missing a brother and a sister

Natalie, Dawna, me and Emily
That evening, we made sure to stuff our tummies with tamales and salsa. Pecan pie. 
Chat it up. Wrap presents, last minute of course. Do I really know of no other way to celebrate? 
Nope. That's as good as it gets for me. Which is fine because it means I don't have to find a babysitter. 
We did teach my 2 year old a very important lesson that day...
Take a minute to watch the Learning-How-to-Make-a-Mustache VIDEO
Hilarious, right? Yeah, he's awesome.
And then we all went to sleep because we all had to await Santa's arrival!! 
He brought a ton of gifts of course...but no cold weather.  
Andrew received a bow & arrow set and his first bike. Pictures to come later :) 
Oh and I guess Moomie thought it funny to address some gifts to him as Andy. 
Not sure how I feel about that, but I'm guessing NO. 
Jonah received a pirate ship, coloring books, boots and alien pajamas. 
Both boys received gum--which they aren't allowed to have until they learn not to swallow it. 
I received a 'fake' wedding ring from myself, but made sure to pretend that the husband gifted it. 
'Cause I'm a nut. Let it be known on record, that I received nothing from the husband. Appalled? Me too. 
Ladies, please feel sorry for me and give him a hard time. 

Andrew made Tia Dawna a special gift. He designed it of course, but I had to sew it. 
A cape! He thought she needed one! 
It was just a felt rectangle with elastic but he was 
so proud of it, he wrapped it himself and wrote the name tag too! 
The husband received a new wallet, because his Aluma Wallet totally FAILED
And a new body pillow--which he loves. 
James Ross (brother) opened up his gifts so fast, I couldn't keep up knowing what the heck he got! 
Freckles, Caren's dog sat patiently and was harassed by paper being thrown her way.
Pajamas, games, coloring books, blankets, gift cards and money--it was a very fulfilling Christmas.

I  made my grandmother a special something. 
I digitized my grandfather from his younger years and put him in a vintage blue frame. 
They were married over 50 years and I'm glad she displayed him proudly in her living room. 
I think she still has the hots for him because her grin got really big as she reminisced about his offset smile.
The husband always compliments me on my smile. I don't know why, I'm not a fan.
But he calls it crooked smile like it's something pretty or somethin'. I guess I inherited it from my Grandpa. 
...hmm..just thought of that....
Anyway, Jonah also received a fishing pole. Obviously, he was in smitten. He loves those things!
...and then it was hidden from view...haha!
And right after opening gifts, this little dude got sick. Throwing up sick. Fever sick. Oh great. 
He didn't get to enjoy his Christmas very much. Usually he runs around like a mad monster at Moomies...

We cleaned up, ate tamales again, and played with Freckles. 
She's such a serious, but sweet dog. Who would have thought Caren would ever adopt a dog?
And that's it! The last of the Christmas vacation pictures. Whew!!! That was such a load of my chest. 
Feels good to continue onto better more current things!