Monday, February 11, 2013

a {sickening} love montage - a Valentine's post

This is our story: How the New Witty's came to be.
Established 2002

...and here we go! 
2002 - High School me working at Pizza Hut
2002 - College Sophomore him working at Pizza Hut {wearing a Mr. Jim's Pizza t-shirt}. 
You can see how that smile just swept me off my feet. 
2002 - Meet my family in Dublin, TX
2002 - Spontaneous getaway weekend
2002 - Trip to Colorado with his family
2002 - the picture we each had when I went away for summers, Stephenville, TX
2002 - Local concert in Stephenville, TX
2003 - Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX
2003 - Moved to Orlando, Florida for my school
2003 - Orlando, FL House of Blues was our best friend!
2003 - Christmas back in Dublin, Tx {and pierced lip!}
2004 - Disneyland
2004 - Eating out at Chipotle in Orlando, Fl
2004 - Family Reunion, Granbury, TX. Moved back to Texas.
2005 - Night Life in Mazatlan, Mexico

2006 - Colorado

2006 - Edgefest {concert} - Dallas
2007 - Edgefest {concert}- Dallas

2007 - Deep Ellum {Dallas}
2007 - Date Night Dallas, TX
2007 - Engagement Picture, Dublin, TX
2007 - Husband & Wife in Comanche, TX!
2008 - Pregnant and Spring Break in San Antonio, TX
2008 - Andrew arrived via home birth, Dublin, TX
2009 - Fuzzy's Taco in Fort Worth, TX
2010 - Jonah arrived! Abilene, TX
2011 - Abilene, TX
2011 - Spontaneous road trip to NEW YORK CITY! 
Posts 1, 2, and 3 HERE! 
2011 - Halloween! Abilene, TX
2011 - Abilene, TX
2012 - Easter egg hunt in the dark in Dublin, TX
2012 - Photo booth in Dublin, TX

2012 - Date Night at the Gaylord in Grapevine, TX
And here we are. 
We were silly, immature, concert goers, spontaneous, dirt-poor, and crazy-like-a-pony-in-love kids. 
And look at us now. Responsible adults {and still madly and gushy in love most days}. 
Who woulda thought time passed by so quick? 
I hope I didn't make you gag too much. I really believe it's important to document relationships.
With your husband, friends, family, etc., just as long as it gets documented so that there's a memory of it!!! I kinda wanna do a separate post of our wedding!!! 

PS. See if you can count how many hairstyles/hair colors I have had!