Wednesday, February 13, 2013

mailing / making Love Notes

first of all....
since all of our family (save for a couple) live no where near us, sending things through mail has become quite a habit. I hope to continue doing it, because it really is fun receiving things in the mail. 
I made sure that Heart Day was a special day for our relatives hundreds of miles away. 
But the boys refused to cooperate with me while taking pictures...almost to the point where I just kinda gave up. If one refuses to do it, the other goes on strike too. I made do with peek-a-boos and blurry pictures. :)
Andrew made sure to stick a stamp on his envelope to his favorite aunt, Dawna. He loves her so. much.
The boys loved that momma made an arrow. They demanded more. 
they also loved that momma made monsters out of their hand-prints. 
I guess monsters was our theme this Valentine's. HA!
I asked Andrew to write his Nana's name on her card. So he made sure to make his a with a curly cue at the end....kinda like momma does on her letters. He made me so proud!!! 
And we also managed to practice patterns making with the alphabet stickers! Yay teacher!
The candy was for my lil' brother. I made to sure to remind him that he had to share. 
He's so stingy! ....just kidding buddy....
The pirate print-out I got from HERE