Sunday, February 24, 2013

a ring holder that gives me memories

When me and the boys go thrifting at a nearby shop, I always end up with something!  
There is never leaving empty's a bad habit, I know.
But I came upon this ceramic jewelry holder that reminded me SO much of my grandmother, who lives in Mexico. And I've found out, I miss her dearly. Like unbelievably too much. I find myself just daydreaming about being there at her house, with my 100 relatives all eating carne asada and enjoying each others company.
Anyway, she has this bureau as tall as her. And on it, she her lotions, her perfumes, some pictures, and cute little ceramic figurines from 20 years ago. Every time I visit, I always stare at her never-changing collection. 
I realized also that I don't have anything that reminds me of her. I mean, I have my Mexican memorabilia that reminds me of my home in Mexico, sure. But nothing that is hers, or that visually reminds me of her.
So when I came upon this jewelry holder at the thrift store, it just felt like I had to get it for some reason. I didn't know it then, but now I understand. It's like a subconscious thing I guess.
My sister would have highly disapproved of such thing because it has flowers on it. But I quite like it. A lot. Actually. 
I decided that it would be best to re-vamp it. Give it the Lynet make-over. And I didn't take a before pictures, don't ask me why. I didn't initially wanted to post about this, but after I figured out why I had fixated so much on this thing, I just had to. 
Now, I have something that physically reminds me of her. Even if it didn't directly come from her, I have something that makes me think of her. Something that's tangible and isn't just a memory or a picture. 
\ \ My grandmother, we call her Mami Tola because her real name is Eustolia, and my brother, Carl / / 
\ \ My grandmother in the city (year unknown) / / 
\ \ My sister Caren and I with our grandmother in the early 2000's (my hair is pink!) / / 
\ \ And my grandmother and my father when he was in his teens (gosh they're beautiful!) / / 
This is the only picture of her and my son, Andrew at 14 months, her 2nd great-grandchild.
The first time and the only time they've ever met. She's never met Jonah, my second. 
She always has and always will mean everything to us. I can't wait to see her again! 

PS. And the yellow roses were from my lover.