Thursday, February 28, 2013


This is from Valentine's...which is late....I know. Please forgive me. Technically we are still in February.
I got this idea for making them a placemat from Jill at Baby Rabies and of course
I had to make them ♥-shaped pancakes! They loved it. That afternoon, I made them ♥-shaped pizza!
And Jonah, my little scribbler, drew all over his mat. While brother, was just interested in his chocolates...
...which he took one bite of, then decided that gooey-filled chocolates were not for him. 
My honeybun gave me a ring pop to show how much he knows loves me.
And some roses....
And I took the time to write both my boys a Valentine letter to give to them when they are older.
I hope they get embarrassed when they read it. I also hope they know how much I love them.
Let's not forget my craft. A heart shaped garland with those paint thingies you get at a hardware store.
I'm not surprised at all that February is almost done with. 
I'm glad March is around the corner. We have some weddings coming up. 
Baby bumps {unfortunately, not mine} and SPRING!!! Yeah! I know we are ALL excited for Spring. 
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