Friday, September 18, 2009

Abilene - Our new home.

Well, we finally made it on our own!
We moved out in August right after Andrew's 1st birthday. Here are some pictures from the last month and a half for all you guys who don't get to see us that often.

Couple of snapshots from our duplex. Our HUGE kitchen with LOTS of space! Needless to say, I love it, but could do without the hideous linoleum!

Andrew's first room. Notice the awesome shelves and the 80's tile glass window. =P

This is our front lawn, our neighbors have a picnic table and grill outside. They're super nice! And we also have a huge backyard which is great for Andrew. He loves every chance he gets to go outside and pick up sticks and rocks.

They have a play area at the mall, and everytime we go to it, I make sure to spend some time there so that Andrew can socialize with other kiddies. What's so funny about this is that, it never fails to have a little girl immediately take his hand and grab and pick him up.
He doesn't care, he's got the biggest smile on his face.

They also have a playground like 5 blocks from our house. To go outside is now becoming one of his most favorite things to do. I always make sure he gets his daily "outside" fill.

This is Andrew with my shades, he loves to grab them from my face and put them on. I think he looks cool. Specially with his hair sticking straight up. This picture is a keeper.

At the park again, somehow Blogger won't let me rearrange my pictures how I want them...I wish they would give us more options on here!!!

Andrew with daddy's cap on his head. It almost fits him, that's how big of a head he has.

This is funny--since Andrew finally cut teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) every time he sees our feet on our ottoman, he will go for our toes. If we're not careful, he WILL bite. So here's daddy teaching him a lesson on how bad toe-bitting hurts.


I put a headband on him, he looks like he belongs in an 80's music video.

...with Mommy's bra. Yeah, this cracked me up I'm willing to let my embarrassment slide so I can post the Laugh-of-Day Picture...

"Dirty laundry, here I come!"

He found our empty laundry hamper, toppled it over and played in it forever!

Not his first "chipote" (boo-boo, see back some posts), but this was the worst! He tripped on our doorway and fell on our concrete patio...

Backscratcher and daddy's dirty underwear. Anyone say, "ew?"

Everyday is such a joy with him. I love watching him learn new things and figure things out on his own! Yesterday I was so impressed when I handed him some trash and told him to throw it away, and HE DID! I didn't even have to point to the trash, he knew exactly where it was supposed to go. Of course, he throws out the Iron Man fridge magnets too... :(

Well, now that we have fast internet, hopefully I can post things more often on here.