Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life is much sweeter with some photo-props.

the "I'm-a-Mom-and-I-have-a-fancy-camera-and-I-have-a-new-photography-business-now" boom is happening faster than a teenage obsession with Justin Beiber nowadays. 
It's totally ridiculous--the business boom, not the pop fan infatuation--but if people excel at it and make good money from it, then more power to 'em.
I, fortunately, don't plan on making a business out of it. Too much pressure, too much business. I'm artsy-fartsy people, I don't have a left-side to my brain.
So please, just enjoy the images below for what they are: FUN TIMES with FAMILY and FRIENDS.
 Yours truly with my handsome, smooch-ey-licious husband. 
This guy (my great-uncle) reminds me of that annoying Six Flags old guy that dances around in those remember 'member? 
I've been editing these for a few weeks now and managing the lighting WAS incredibly hard! 
When I did my Thanksgiving Photo shoot, which was outside, I still managed to botch them up with some high ISO settings which made them all grainy! So lesson learned there.
But this time we had to be inside and the lighting was awful! It was cloudy and rainy outside, so it made things even worse...I even borrowed a flash from a friend of mine, but I'm no pro and I couldn't figure out the right settings.
Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm?! Who knows but I guess it just takes practice, and maybe more hits & misses.