Monday, July 11, 2011

NY Pt. 2

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Well, it's been a couple of weeks since our trip to NYC but it feels like we just got back.
Several commercials now where they take place at famous landmarks in NY, I can now holler at the TV and say "I've been there!!! RIGHT THERE!!!" and maniacally point my finger at it while nobody around me cares.

Anyways, onto the pictures...

After walking back from the Harry Potter Exhibition, we were starving...
We ended up stopping at a corner pizza place called Villa and they had THE. MOST. DELICIOUS. cheese pizza we've ever had. I'm not a fan of cheese by any means, gimme toppings, but the beastly cheese pizza was $10--can't pass that up!
Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take pictures of the beautiful thing so you get crust-pics. 
Wish you had been there to taste it!

So we keep on walking, and we see a mess of a building called Madame Tussaud's  and Ripley's Believe It or Not...gaudy buildings...but so eye-catching.

We didn't go in. I often look at pictures of their wax figures and can't help but judge how they DON'T look like the real no Thank You.

Then we see a gathering...and come upon this guy:

Dubbed "Lizardman" because of his body art, teflon horns under the skin of his brow, a split tongue and who knows what else...
He's from Austin, TX (represent!)
and he freaked everyone in the crowd OUT.
So naturally, he gave us this next: 

Awesome, huh?
He was promoting Ripley's attractions but we didn't care for that, since we can see it on TV and walked off after his 'performance' {if you will}

The thing about NYC is that everywhere you go, there are buildings...sometimes hovering over your head.
I couldn't help but snap pictures of them since I felt so small, compared to them.

Speaking of how tall these skyscrapers were, Gary made it a point to mention to remember how tall the Twin Towers were--
I know it would have been an amazing sight to just stand at the foot of them considering they were the tallest buildings at 110 stories high and had 80,000 visit just in ONE day, amazing.

While we walked, Andrew liked the fountains we encountered...there was a whole lot of 'em.

I love his wedgie--so precious.

Hot dogs, gyros, pretzels, etc.-- vendors were practically on every corner.

Next we headed over to Rockefeller Center where 30 Rock (TV and funny as hell) is based at, Jimmy Fallon night show is recorded at, and SNL is live from...and a whole bunch of other stuff happens there too, I guess.

The building was so pristine, and sooo black and gold it was impressive.

You see that fat guy on the right? He's holding onto a huge 'pillar' structure that their A/C air comes out of those black slits just under his hand is positioned. The guy at the desk? Can you see him? Yeah, those murals are THAT BIG.

This is the mural that is painted on the ceiling. The perspective on it is quite awesome even though if you really think of it, who wants to see directly into a person's crotch? 
Eh...I guess it's art.

The halls were majestically feeling.
The red rope is a entryway to elevators with two guards each and only people with an important title or a badge could enter...lucky

So we were stoked that in our Explorer Pass, we had to option to visit the NBC studios and so we made headway in that particular direction...

Only to discover after we purchased our tickets, that children under 6 years of age, are not allowed.

BIG freakin' BOO.

So I did the next best thing: photograph the gift shop.

Jonah was trying so hard to grab the lollipops with his grubby paws...
but HA-HA! he was strapped into the stroller (which made this trip a lot more possible) and had to give up his intent.

Hi Matt Lauer. I really don't like you, but I do like this NBC sign filled with M&M's...

And of course, we had to get our "The Office" sign and Michael Scott coffee mug...duh.

The gift shop was under this floor, where they had solar powered lights for this wall of was pretty neat as I'd never seen one.

My NBC studio tour was not made possible, gone was my chance to step into the room where they manage the cameras and possibly see Jimmy Fallon rehearsing his lines for his shows.
DANG YOU, NBC! {you are still my favorite, though except for the Today Show-*gag*}

Then we somehow magically ended up at the Lego store...
How it happened, I've no idea...but here we were among 250 other people trying to see this amazing store.

It was freaking crowded {hey, nothing new here in NYC}
and it was really impossible to restrain Andrew from walking off and grabbing a box from each different section.

He started 'building' little people

while I took pictures of this monster-of-a-store

Even their light fixtures resembled the bottoms of Lego's

Rockefeller plaza in Lego's....

OH and LOOK! A Lego man taking a picture of ME!

Andrew couldn't decide on which $50 kit to we just didn't get one ;)

So this is the Rockefeller plaza with all the flags...SOOO. MAAANNNY. PEEEEOPPLE!

Oh, and look, another fountain.

During summer, when it's freakishly hot and humid in NYC, I guess they turn the ice skating rink into a bar. 
A Rink Bar. HAHA.

Stay tuned for Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and our Night City Tour!!!