Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby #2 - Post II

Last night we had the pleasure of finding out the sex of our baby......GIRL!
Woot! Hopefully we can get a lot of hand-me downs from previous baby girl owners...
She'll be the first baby girl on both sides of our families so we're excited!

We went to StorkVision here in Abilene last night. Let me tell ya, they are fun and very professional! We had asked for only the 2D package but the lady doing the sonogram let us take a peek at what it would look like in 3D.
The whole time, baby kept moving like a Mexican jumping bean. And at one point she had the hiccups. We saw her opening and closing her mouth and just moving her tongue all over the place...whoever knows Gary, knows she's definitely related to him! Ha!

Big thanks to my lil' sis Dawna for taking pictures of this exciting evening!

Checking in. I honestly didn't know I was pooching out that much.

Daddy & Andrew

Great Grandmother, Carolyn, aka Wita & messy haired Andrew

Thank goodness they had plenty of seating and blocks for this little hyperactive boy to play with!!!
Wita & my midwife, Betsy watching baby on huge TV. 
Moomie was also there, but guess we didn't get a picture with her....=(

Nothing can keep this little dude from getting in on the action. 
without further adieu, here's Baby T @ 20 weeks old.

Hand by her face

She kept opening and closing her mouth. Here she is with mouth open.
Moomie said she looked like a 'chango' (monkey). hehe!

She was facing my spine.

The dark triangle area is her bladder. You're looking directly forward at her pelvis.

Video of sonogram from StorkVision.
It was originally 20 mins, but I've clipped out only about one and a half minutes.