Monday, July 9, 2012

our humble abode

So we settled on a place. #17. 
Not a big place. But a nice place. 
We had family help us move in, which is super nice.
A little gated community of 'townhomes' is our new home
I am loving the light that comes through the nice windows. 
And the lack of brown aging carpet is incredibly blissful.
Annnd, we have stairs, which means my quad muscles in my legs will get tough. 
Or my knees will give out, one of the two. :) 
We are mostly satisfied with the place, except for a few bugs....
I'm not sure if we'll stick with it as it is on the higher side of our budget and smaller than our previous home.  We are thinking of expanding The New Witty's, but it'll do--for now. 
Boxes be piled up and space needs to be filled.