Thursday, October 23, 2014

throwback thursday: in 7 years

earlier this week was my 7th year anniversary. it just so happened that a week prior to this special day, i was going through the same town the hubs and i got married in. the venue was Brennan Vineyards here in good ol' central Texas.
i was feeling a big nostalgic so i snapped a few pics just for comparison. then and now.
turns out, it still looks the same :)
but our lives don't. we've grown up 7 more years. together. better & worse. healthy & sick. always, in love. 
and we have three gorgeous kids to show for it.
three kids. wowza. never in my dreams did i think i would be a mom to three. well, maybe in my dreams, but reality? heck no. 
i kept recalling that day. how everything seemed a blur. how we missed out on spending time with people we love because we were rushed off to cut the cake or whatever. how we shoulda just drank one more glass of that delicious rosé. how we were so exhausted by 11pm that night when we got into our honeymoon suite.
but i remember showing up in a red hot rod well. looking so skinny and feeling so important. walking down a luscious green path with my gorgeous bouquet of calla's to meet my wild-haired stud.
i remember crying while reading my vows to my groom and getting confetti streamers in my hair. taking pictures and trying not to feel so overwhelmed (you know how it is when you have family from all sides at one place, amiright?)
7 years later, it's just an empty piece of land under some gigantic oaks...
that perfect night in october though, oh what a sight. 
and  finally, we were married. all eyes on us as mr. & mrs.
that place was beautiful. it still is. i love that i got a chance to show the kids where daddy and mommy were married. to retell and relive. i love that they stand where we stood 7 years ago to show how beautiful life is. 
and seriously, who would have guessed we would make such pretty babies? (of course i'm biased, but what did you expect?) 
hubby and i first met while working at pizza hut 12 years ago--he was the fastest delivery driver, i was the sexy waitstaff. he asked me on a date to eat at a nearby pizza hut that is just like the one we met at. 
BUT, oh man, the good ol' times and good pizza!!! this time around, i'll spare you all the details. IF you feel a bit courageous, you can check out the previous sickening love posts here and here where i 'profess our love'.
so tell me, how do you celebrate your anniversary? doing blasts from the past or do you go all out with gifts and surprises? 
have a great week everyone!
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