Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Yes, yes! It's Halloween! ....finally. I have a suspicion these next two months are going to feel like an eternity in holiday decorations. I'm so ready to be done with my decor and onto the next. My eyes have already been bombarded with bloggers doing Christmas decorating, so I'm going to allow myself some time to not get burned out by season.
Try anyway, let's not even talk about walking into stores and all their Christmas stuff is up. No people! No!
This year, I decided since we're a family of five that we could go dressed up as a group: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! 
I didn't want to go alllllll out because I know how tedious costumes are (there's never really a super comfy one, unless you go as a housewife...) So with simple thrifted Power Ranger costumes for the boys (because they love it) and simple shirt and pants for the husband, Elena and me, we became The Mighty Power Rangers! (all from different seasons, did you notice?) 
I just used duct tape and foam sheets to build the patterns on the front of our shirts. I also got gloves and duct taped them up too. We used swords and weapons we already had at the house. And no helmets because, well, tedious, remember? 
My shoot didn't go according well...daylight was dwindling and our capacity to pose like those Rangers is harder than you think! 
I actually didn't procrastinate this year with the costumes. I was very at ease with it. I just wish I wouldn't have procrastinated with our photos. Maybe one year I'll get it together!
Here are some pictures of our previous years:
Andrew really loves his ninja costume. Can you guess what he chose to wear to school today? You got it. 
I try to mix it up a little bit with making and buying their costumes. I don't ever remember going dressing up and trick-or-treating because I grew up in Mexico (we celebrate Day of the Dead there, not Halloween). Even when we moved to the states, we weren't allowed to dress up. We did go trick-or-treating once and of course I loved it. Free candy? duh!
I love making their costumes and working with them to see what they wanna be for Halloween. There are a lot of great bloggers out there that go all out! It's amazing. How about you? How do you handle Halloween?
Have a great -and safe- weekend, guys!
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