Friday, October 17, 2014

halloween at the witty house

you guys, let it be known that i love this holiday. it's my favorite month too. in fact, my 7 year anniversary is coming up in about a week. but really, all the kids care about is that halloween is coming. the boys were so ready with their costumes the first week of the month!
and since we have a neeewww house, i figured it was the perfect time for the holidays to show up so i can decorate it! :) nothing too fancy, nothing too pinterest-ey. you know, easy peasy stuff that the boys can help me with.
so i cut out some bats, strung some lights, and bought creepy stuff for a dollar at the dollar store.
it is not cohesive or impressive by any means, but we love it and that's what counts. i want them to remember that their home was decorated specifically for them. at night, they comment on the fake bats. and that blasted skull on the window sill has heard me squeek every now and then.
and for two weeks straight, we have had dinner by candlelight. it has been amazing! 
if you didn't know, we didn't have a dining table for two years. after moving into this home, we were handed down a table and we have yet to find chairs for it. we make do with what we have but i'm just grateful we have a table! maybe one day i'll blog about that beautiful bench (not pictured) my handy husband made and the quilttop cushion my MIL sewed. 
but right now, if you have a table, gather some candles and light them up at dinner time!
ah! see!! there's that bench, quilt top cushion and matching table runner!!! oooh and a clean table!
and i got my cute little skeleton body out of storage again. last year, the boys decorated some fake pumpkins at Michael's. i spraypainted them black and white this year and then hand-painted a sugar skull design. now they look decent and presentable. now they'll last forever. and now La Catrina stands at my front porch in between the real pumpkins! i think she needs a head dress though. some color would look nice, me thinks.
and moms, wanna try something fun for your kids lunchbox? scare them to giggles with a juice box mummy! (sorry, i didn't mean to sound like an infomercial) i made these last year and the kid still loves it! easiest project, i swear. just get some athletic tape + juice box + and a pen! (don't forget to detach the straw before you mummify it!)
i'll post again this weekend for a look at my front steps. you wont be able to take your 'eyes' off it. haha, you'll get it...
so, do you love decorating your house? do you do it for yourself or for your kids? i love seeing how people decorate their homes on their Instagram! let me see yours! 
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