Monday, October 20, 2014

the all-seeing door

A few weeks after move in day, we received a package of boxes at our doorstep. They sat on the dining floor about a week before I opened them. They were padded boxes for a receiver from the previous owners I guess. And there they sat, on my dining room floor, for forever it seemed. I would always forget to take them with us when we recycle on the weekends and I was just tired of seeing them there. So, unpretty.
One weekend morning, Andrew woke up talking about eye-clops because he had finally seen the inside of the boxes. I've no idea what the child really meant, but it ignited a genius idea in my head. Why not make something out of them? And what better way to reuse such useless things than to decorate my house with them for Halloween?
So I introduce you the All-Seeing front door of the Witty house!
Like I seriously threw out the boxes and did. not. take a picture to show you these boxes. I've never seen any like it. I just spent 15 minutes searching for a pic of what one would look like. But no. Only the weird happens to me. 
But imagine a box full of these blue squishy, half-spheres surrounding each of sides of the box. It would be fun to walk on them if they covered my floor. 
And since they were all blue, I imagined it was ok to spray paint some green and yellow to change up the iris a bit. Then, I cut out a circle from a flat piece of cardboard and used it as a stencil to make the black part (pupil). Andrew helped me with this project so it was pretty easy.  
Next, I cut out 10-inch circles from white cardstock and glued the eyeballs on to them. 
And then came the installation. The boys loved sticking them onto the door with my perfect guidance for their layout. Because if they had any say in it, there would be random eyeballs all throughout the house. No thanks, guys. 
The boys brag to everyone they see (even strangers) about the eyeballs on our front door. Everyone that has come to the house has raged about them too. I think they're pretty great. Not bad for a free Halloween project, huh? 
The house even has magical Halloween powers, you guys! It makes cobwebs complete with its own spiders! 
And you guys, nobody is more critical about my front steps than me (I?) But to put it in perspective, we've only been here 4 months and eventually the time will come when the front door gets a good makeover.
Can you say green door and freshly stained steps? I sure can.
Halloween is coming! And this week I finish our costumes. Yes, we will ALL be going as something this year and I can't wait to show you! 
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