Thursday, October 9, 2014

beautiful & sick & wiggly days

the days have been gooooorrgeous lately! the sun is out, the temps perfect. so so perfect. but my backyard...ehhhh....not so much. 
we actually still don't have a lawnmower. but no worries because both boys hate the grass and won't walk on it anyway. silly boys. does your kid whine and cry when grass touches his foot? mine does. and mosquitos. don't get me started on mosquitos. blasted things!
i hope by next spring, we get a plan going and start planting some amazing things. i have a great vision for my huge backyard. 
but for now, it's a pitiful soul-less yard. and the boys know it. they won't come out to play unless i push them out the doors. what's wrong with kids today? ...just kiddin'. 
and on one of those rare moments, i decided to bring my big camera out. i found that i was rusty. so rusty
give ninja swords to boys and they will play. 
little girl loves watching her brothers. they could care less about her, but her eyes just have so much excitement. she loves it the most when they giggle at each other too. they're silly boys, it's true.
it was one of those lazy afternoons, the kind where i wished i had a lounger with a cup holder so i could put my ice-cold lime infused water in, just relaxing listening to the boys fight. and don't forget the mosquito repellent. very important. 
but for now, it's just a wish. i know these days won't last long at all--the weather, the laughter...
little girl is scraping her toes and getting blisters all over her toes because she cannot be still. she loves her walker (thanks Nana!) and she loves to wiggle about--no crawling. 
the boys requested i push the trampoline next to the deck so that they don't have to walk on the 'itchy' grass. 
i'm telling you, her brothers bring her pure joy. i pray they will continue to do that throughout the years. it makes my mama heart so happy.
and i just have to note on here that elena eats everything. every little piece of trash, stale cheetoh, stickers, legos on the floor, and now my jade plant that sits outside. and please, no one has a bigger heart attack than me when she does that, so just settle those panties down. the jade plant is very mildly toxic to humans sometimes and it has been removed from my deck for future outings with the little girl. now comes the part where i look up all the other plants to see if they're poisonous. ay ay ayyy!
this past monday, andrew came back home from school because of a stomach bug. i have to confess that it was one of those great, lazy days again. the day was pretty much ideal to go outside--but i didn't coerce him to play outside because he needed rest. after a few tv shows, i turned the screen off and told them they had two choices: color or take a nap. and so they chose to color. as much as i want them to color from coloring books like i did when i was a girl, they prefer to make up their own coloring pages. 
and elena wanted to be in on the action too. she came around, saw those colorful waxy sticks and gnawed on a couple of them and wiggled off to a new adventure. 
she is my little inchworm. i'll leave the room and a minute later, she's huffing and puffing her way to where her mama is and greet me with the biggest smile. i love it. 
these pictures below are just a few out of like 30 that i took just trying to capture her in focus. she has mastered wiggling through the house like a champ, hence the blisters on the ball of her feet. 
she's a nut. she's amazing. she's beautiful. and she's mine. but i'll let you hold her. 
i don't think she'll learn to crawl properly. she seems quite content just commando'ing it. eating up left over carrots or small debris--it's gross i know, but you know what? mom of three here. and she'll eventually poop it out so win-win.
on a very shocking side note, i can't believe this is my life. 
have a great week everyone! we have some awesome plans this weekend that i am so excited about--yay! 
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