Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Christmas tree time!

I don't know about you all, but I'm pretty happy when it comes to putting up our Christmas tree.
My mother always seemed to hate it, but mostly because it meant digging through her closet to find all the tubs filled with Christmas crap. Unpacking. Repacking.
I love it though. I love the lights, the sparkle, the Christmas music, the non-existent {snow}, the cold, the hot chocolate, the eggnog, the family, I love the whole nine yards of Christmas!
Our little skinny tree. It's a fake, we don't do real. :) We are still happy.  
The boys tried to help me decorate the tree, but us moms know how that goes. 
Now I get why mom would always rearrange the tree after we 'helped' when we were little. 
This year however, Jonah is big enough to move, and grab, and destroy as he pleases.
I read somewhere spray bottles were good for keeping babies away from Christmas trees, or was that cats?
Regardless, he's already done his fair share of damage to the ornaments and I don't expect it to stop. 
This year we had beautiful cupcakes, spray-painted red pine cones from my MIL's yard, and beautiful handmade mailed owls from my bestie!
Aren't they freaking cute?! I'm planning on keeping these guys hanging around all year long, too! 
 Andrew decided that his cupcakes were most awesome at the bottom of the tree and just didn't care too much afterwards for anything 'tree'.
 So he took constant breaks...hmm, almost sounds like a Witty whose name is Gary...
 Jonah just couldn't contain himself. He didn't know what these prickly branches were or why their green stuff kept getting stuck to his sticky fingers. He didn't know what the ornaments were except that they were in the shape of a ball, but what was all that glittery sh*t all over his hands?!
No one could explain it to him, so he just did his own research. 
Oh and forget trying to get your boys to hold still while they're hungry and are literally crying at my feet because they're half-starved...
 So I pacified the situation with some corndogs--instantly.
 And now my ornaments have smudges on them.
Remember how I have a little photographer? Yeah, you remember from this post?
Yeah! Andrew, no, not Gary...he doesn't do cameras.
Anyways, below are the pictures my budding photographer took. 
 And he managed to get proof that I WAS doing all the work!
My little hams. 
...oh, and this year, I totes made this....
Not bad for a $10 DIY wreath, huh?